5 Signs You Need to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed


Wisdom teeth are the last set of third molars grown from age 15 to 25. They are the last set of permanent teeth to ever grow in any adult. They typically surface after all other teeth have grown and have been established for some time.

Due to a little delay in their growth, they tend to cause crowding, which usually causes pains and discomfort.

The growth of wisdom teeth is referred to as an eruption, which results in pain and swelling. However, wisdom teeth may not erupt, and this is called a state of being impacted. This is caused by the lack of space and teeth orientation for the wisdom teeth to erupt. As a result, infection, impingement, and other conditions can result from the impacted wisdom teeth.

Meanwhile, you should visit a dental clinic for the removal of the wisdom teeth if you notice some signs. Here are five symbols that make it necessary for you to visit a dental clinic and get your wisdom teeth removed.

1. Jaw Pain

The growth of wisdom in a misaligned or blocked path will unavoidably put pressure on the surrounding teeth and the entire jawline, which will cause pain and discomfort. Besides, the bone and nerves will feel the pressure and pain will ensue. At this point, visit a dental clinic to get the wisdom teeth removed.

2. Red and Swollen Gums

When your gums become inflamed, they become red and swollen, leaving you with pains if you fail to get the help you need in a dental clinic. You may find it difficult to chew or perform other functions with your mouth.

3. Swollen Face

Pains in the jawline, due to the overcrowding if the teeth, may cause your face to swell up. Also, the cheekbones and other sides of the face may be affected, and they will look swollen.

4. Overcrowded Feeling

With the wisdom teeth erupting and causing pains and discomfort, you also get the crowded feeling in your mouth. When you begin to feel uncomfortable with the number of teeth in your mouth, mainly due to the erupting wisdom teeth, visit a dental clinic to get the wisdom teeth removed.

5. Bad Breath

The growth of wisdom teeth is usually characterized by gum flaps, which would trap food particles, which will allow bacteria to breed and cause bad breath. Do not let your breathing become bad; visit a dental clinic today to get the wisdom teeth removed.

If you are not lucky enough to have a problem-free experience with the growth of wisdom teeth, visit a dental clinic for their removal to live in peace.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise