14 Apr 2024

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Are Braces Possible After Dental Implants?
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Are Braces Possible After Dental Implants? 

All ages can benefit from braces, which can correct minor crowding, complicated bite issues, and severely crooked teeth. However, one query that occasionally arises is whether braces and dental implants work well together. Contact a dentist in North Central Phoenix for more information.

What are dental implants?

Whether due to disease or trauma, missing teeth are pretty common, and more people are choosing implants over bridges and other tooth replacement options. A titanium post that is placed into the mandible to replace a missing tooth’s root makes up a dental implant. This is affixed to a crown, which has the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth.

Dental implants should remain in place once positioned, but sadly, natural teeth are not as docile. Teeth can move for a variety of reasons, and as we get older, they naturally tend to jumble in the front of the mouth. Braces are a common solution for this issue for many patients, but are braces still an option if you already have a few dental implants in place? Braces are definitely an option, and there are a few different approaches we can take based on your specific situation.

Braces after dental implants

Dental implants cannot be moved, but we can happily use a fixed brace or clear aligner procedure like Invisalign to impact the surrounding teeth as long as your implant is already in the proper position. You may still be able to benefit from orthodontic treatment if you have multiple implants.

At the conclusion of your orthodontic treatment, consider having your implant replaced if it is not in the best position and will look odd once your other teeth are aligned. This might entail replacing the implant in its entirety or just the crown. As an alternative, you could accept a somewhat compromised outcome and leave the implant in place.

Braces before dental implants

Even though we are able to move teeth around implants, it is usually preferable to undergo orthodontic treatment initially to ensure that your teeth are perfectly positioned. If you have already lost a tooth, do not worry. We can replace it with a temporary one to ensure that you never have a gap in your smile.

In some instances, orthodontic treatment may even be required prior to implant placement in order to provide adequate room for the new tooth & even to realign the neighboring teeth’s roots.

The doctors handling your orthodontic treatment & implant will collaborate closely to guarantee a smooth patient experience and the best outcomes, regardless of whether you choose braces prior to an implant or an implant prior to braces.

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