14 Apr 2024

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Are Selfie Filters Driving Demand for Cosmetic Surgery

Are Selfie Filters Driving Demand for Cosmetic Surgery 

More people want to change their bodies to look like their edited selfies. Apps like Snapchat and Facetune which instantly touch up body appearance appears to be the root of individuals’ dissatisfaction in their appearance. In today’s selfie economy, everyone; especially young adults want to achieve they look presented by filter apps. Individuals are opting for plastic surgery so they can permanently look like their filters.

Rooted in Body Appearance Issues

Even though selfie filters drive the demand for cosmetic surgery, the root of the problem is body appearance issues. When an individual with insecurities compares him or herself with the image of their filtered photos, they get this need to rectify they supposed flawed feature at all costs. People also want cosmetic surgery so that they look better in future pictures as well.

Lines of Reality Have Been Blurred

Technology has significantly blurred lines of reality, and people can no longer differentiate what is real from fantasy. This has specially been made worse by the fact that young adults interact with each other on social media where they see images that they perceive to be perfect. Surgeons say it is an alarming trend because most of the looks are unattainable even with plastic surgery.

A Shift in Cosmetic Templates

Whereas in the past patients used to bring along the picture of a celebrity, most people now use individual filtered selfie photos as their cosmetic template. Cosmetic surgery abroad has become popular as many young adults are spending more on enhancing their image (Visit Europe Surgery). Patients use apps like Snapchat to preview how they’d like to look.

A New Reality of Beauty

Social media apps have set a new standard of beauty, and people are opting for cosmetic surgery abroad to achieve it. Specialists advise that psychological intervention is wise since surgery does not rectify an individual’s self-loathing. Impressionable teens are greatly affected by what they gather from social media pages, and such can lead to body dysmorphic disorder.

People are Self-Conscious About How They Look

The main reason why people choose to go under the scalpel is because they are self-conscious about how they look. Patients believe that they will be more comfortable in their skin when they rectify their flaws. Plastic surgeons are on high demand with eye-lid lifts and nose jobs (Rhinoplasty) being the most common procedures.

The Desperate Need to Make Fantasy Reality

Majority of patients admit that selfies are part of the reason they need plastic surgery. When photos are run through automatic beautification filters, they get digitally touched up, and people want to look like their beautified images. Anxiety now arises from patients’ own faces because of the idealized lens of smartphone cameras.


The main driver for cosmetic surgery in today’s emerging selfie economy is selfie filters. More patients choose to go under the scalpel to achieve their desired look.

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