What is a nursing home pharmacy?


Nursing home residents typically have up to 12 prescription medications. Pharmacies who contract with long-term care facilities like nursing homes to fill residents’ prescriptions are known as nursing home pharmacies.

Nursing home pharmacies may also service rehab centers, adult day care, urgent care facilities, hospice care and home healthcare agencies.

Prior to the privatization of healthcare, many individuals visited a local apothecary to receive medications. The traditional role of the pharmacy has evolved with the growth of the elder population. Chronic progressive illnesses are often treated by nursing home pharmacies for the elderly.

This type of pharmacy has taken over some of the roles of doctors in the dispensing of medications and the regulation of drug protocols. Any pharmacy can become a long-term pharmacy for a nursing home.

Duties of a Nursing Home Pharmacy

The duties of a nursing home pharmacy may go beyond simply filling prescriptions for nursing homes. Some nursing home pharmacies have lab equipment and may schedule consultations and general exams for patients. Other services performed by nursing home pharmacies include:

  • Provision of medical equipment
  • Review of drug regimens
  • Counseling of patients
  • Monitoring of physical condition in regard to drugs over time
  • Fitting for surgical appliances
  • Review clinical visits and medical records
  • Drug research
  • IV therapy services
  • Nutritional support services

Nursing home pharmacies are an asset for both the patient and the nursing home. These long-term care pharmacies establish a clinical relationship with the patient and can act as a liaison and mediator between doctors and their patients.

They have an in-depth knowledge of the patient’s medical history and present wellness concerns. They are also important for elderly patients who require frequent testing. All around, a nursing home pharmacy is an excellent drug dispensary for the elderly in nursing homes.


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Reasons for Choosing Korat Nose Surgery


Ever since the advent of cosmetic surgery, people have opted for this option for altering parts of their body that they are not comfortable with. While there is still a debate about the use of this surgery, it is beyond a doubt highly beneficial and can help the person undergoing this surgery get a new lease on life.

One of the most common types of cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty, commonly known as Korat nose surgury. The procedure is simple but the results are highly satisfactory. Let us look at some of the main reasons behind opting for nose surgery.

1.     Medical Purposes:

The primary reason behind Korat nose surgury [เสริม จมูก โคราช, which is the term in Thai] is generally medical purposes. Nose surgery can solve medical emergencies like a broken nose. Another malady that can be cured by nose surgery is a deviated septum. Rhinoplasty can also help fix problems like those that arise due to sinuses, hence getting rid of problems like serious headaches.

People with congenital respiratory problems can also be greatly benefited from rhinoplasty. Clogged nasal passageways due to lumps and masses can be corrected using nose surgery. Cleft or underdeveloped noses as birth can also begiven proper shape and appearance with the help of nose surgery.

2.     Improve Appearance:

The desire to look good is a powerful stimulant. This urge has resulted in many people opting for nose surgery. Nose surgery can be used to restore facial symmetry, increase or decrease the length of the nose, the tip, or the bridge. It can be used to remove scars from accidents. Nose surgery can be beneficial to help cover up scar tissues or stitch marks after surgery performed on the facial area.

3.     Confidence:

With a good appearance, most people gain the confidence they lack in. A proper symmetric nose can help people land jobs where physical appearance holds great importance. With an altered nose structure, children who fall victims to bullying at school or other places can be helped.

4.     Other Benefits:

One of the major benefits of undergoing nose surgery is it helps people who have had clogged nasal passages or clogged sinuses to stop snoring. It also facilitates the flow of nasal fluids in case of the flu and it prevents clogging up of noses.

More and more people every year undergo this surgery for various reasons. With modern advancements in medical science, these procedures have become painless and have a near hundred percent success rate.

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An Overview of Speech Therapy


Speech therapy is one of the common things that exist currently in the world due to the facts that most toddlers to old aged people suffer from the problem of speech. Speech disability is a common factor that affects people from all age groups and includes a wide variety and diseases coming together and one sphere. Generally, the work of the therapist includes finding out exactly what is wrong and then find the proper therapy to it.

How does it work?

When you take a person to a speech therapist it requires a clinical and proper diagnosis before understanding the problem. The therapist looks into the matter extremely carefully and then opt out a proper solution to the problem. It generally includes a lot of sessions of sitting with a therapist who conducts classes in order to fix the problem of the speech the child or the person. It mostly helps people who are facing problems like:

  1. Those who cannot speak properly
  2. Those suffering from problems like stammering
  3. Those who are speaking with error in sounds
  4. Those were having trouble with pitch, volume or tonality.

It is extremely beneficial and has a specific branch of its sides where it mostly helps people who are facing two major problems:

  1. Understanding the language or what the speaker is saying
  2. Reciprocating the same language of the speaker

These two are the most common problems which are affecting people from all age groups and speech therapy [terapi wicara, which is the term in Indonesia] help them greatly.

Strategies for Working

The people who opt for speech therapy is mostly people having a deficiency of problem with their speech. Below mentioned the future strategies which are mostly used by the therapist:

  1. The first method that accepts is that of engaging the students with colorful books which reads the specific words in simple languages which can be heard or read out as per needs. This allows the students to understand and process the entire concept a lot better.
  2. The second method is by talking as much as possible so that the problem with the tongue and speech gets easy and with time and proper practice they learn to speak in a better tone than they previously were speaking in.

Speech therapy is a wide range of science which doesn’t restrict itself health and development building of just kids which also of elderly people on middle-aged people who are facing a problem with their speech.

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CBD and the law


As popular as it is today, CBD is still a relatively new concept to the UK, and one that comes with plenty of confusion and speculation. It’s easy to get the wrong idea about the compound, which is favoured for its numerous health and wellbeing benefits. If you’re confused about what CBD is, how it differs from THC, and most importantly, whether it’s legal or not, read on below.

What is CBD?

Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is a phytocannabinoid that is used as a natural remedy for many common ailments, including stress and anxiety, depression, arthritis, epilepsy, insomnia, and even cancer. It works by reacting to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, working to cause beneficial effects in the organs, nervous system, bones and skin.

THC and CBD- what’s the difference?

Interestingly, CBD was considered a controversial substance when it first came out, namely because very few people were aware of what it actually was. Since then, awareness of the benefits of CBD has spread across the country, and the CBD market is now booming, showing no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Many people are confused about the legality of CBD because it comes from cannabis, the same plant that also produces THC- the high-inducing compound that is illegal in the UK. It is important to understand that CBD and THC are two entirely separate things. CBD will not produce a high, but can still offer the calming, stress-relieving effects of THC.

Is CBD legal in the UK?

The good news is that CBD is considered a legal cannabinoid in the UK, which allows it to be purchased and used freely, as long as it is classed as a “food supplement”, and not a “medication”. There has been dispute over whether CBD sellers need to licence their products, but as of yet, products can still be sold providing they are not purposefully advertised as medically beneficial.

A ruling by the Home Secretary in July 2018 announced that specialist doctors can now prescribe medical cannabis. However, as of yet, cannabis-derived medicinal products are very limited, and difficult to come by. Unless you are suffering from a rare form of epilepsy, or sickness from chemotherapy treatment for cancer, it is unlikely that you will be offered the compound by a medical professional.

What about in other countries?

Looking more widely around the world, it is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to which countries do and which don’t consider CBD to be legal, and under what grounds. In some states in America, for example, both CBD and THC are legal, whereas in others, the laws are significantly stricter. In Europe, again, laws for marijuana use differ from country to country, but in general, CBD products are legal, providing they don’t contain more than 0.2% of THC mentioned CBD Resource.

If you are traveling to another country, it may be worth considering contacting your travel representative to check for any restrictions you may face in your destination country, if you plan to take CBD with you.

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Things to Be Considered While Choosing a Wheelchair


During a time when you have to consider the right kind of electric Bariatric Wheelchair, you have to consider the frequency with which you would be using it. Determine whether you would be sitting on it the whole day or would you just to need to use it an occasional basis. The other thing you need to think about is whether you would be traveling by car.

Read on further to find the important factors, which you have to consider while choosing the wheelchair.

Portable or Travel wheelchair:

Most of the travel wheelchairs are a rear wheel or front wheel drives. These chairs can be easily dissembled and folded just by removing the seat, battery or brake. The folded forms can then be fit into a trunk space of a car, or place cargo or other modes of transportation. However, such wheelchairs may have a lesser amount of padding on their seats and do not feel comfortable with people who might have to spend the majority of the day on the chair. In such a situation, extra support is required and the weight capacity is generally 300lb.


It is better to choose a full-size chair when the user is going to spend a large part of the day in their power wheelchair. The wheelchairs having full-size generally have larger seats, footrest, and armrests. Apart from this, these also have padding providing for a lot of comforts. These wheelchairs have a high amount of travel range or distance, which can be travelled on one battery charge. The battery is large in case of portable wheelchairs and the weight capacity is near about 300 lb.

Heavy Duty:

Users having a weight greater than 300 lb require a heavy-duty electric wheelchair equipped with a reinforced frame and a wider seating area. In such a case, the wheels and the casters for the wheelchairs tend to be adequately wide for supporting the chair when the user is sitting on it.

 In case of heavy duty wheelchairs, the capacity is up to 450lb.  The wheelchair having a more specialization has a weight capacity of near about 600lb. There are some manufacturers who would be producing wheelchairs with a capacity of up to 100 lb.

Drive Systems:

In this aspect, we have the front wheel, mid-wheel and the rear wheel drive systems in the electric wheelchair [ รถวีลแชร์ไฟฟ้า, Which is the term in Thai ]. The front wheel power drive systems can easily maneuver over the small obstacles.

Similarly, the rear wheel drive systems can also manoeuvre over rough terrain making these a good choice if you like to device outdoors. The mid-wheel drive is the easiest to manoeuvre outdoors and on flat surfaces.

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 What Kind Of Disease Does Hua Luk Siam Treat?


The human body is like an engine working 24×7. It undergoes wear and tear and besides regular maintenance, may require repairs too, at times. Maintenance of normal health becomes impossible due to factors like pollution, debility, adverse working conditions, stress, and tension.

They weaken our immune system and allow diseases to set into the body. These may range from minor infections to serious disorder of major organs. If taken lightly it may worsen requiring prolonged medical treatment which will result in physical suffering with the financial burden.

Herbal Medication:                

Herbal medicines have been derived from various parts of the medicinal plants from as old as pre-historic times. They are a very important part of the traditional system of treatment which holds good even today due to many negative factors prevailing in other systems of treatment.

Some of these are exorbitant costs, inadequate supply of drugs, side effects, loss of immunity due to overdose and resistance to infections over a long period of usage. The traditional system has the advantage of being natural and therefore, is free from the side effects.

Hua Luk Siam Treatment:

What kind of disease does Hua Luk Siam treat [ฮั้วลักเซียมรักษาโรคอะไรบ้าง, which is the term in Thai]? It is a very old leading Chinese herbal treatment system that has been passed through the generations. Presently, it has 88 formulae of herbal drugs. Their regular intake supports the body by empowering it, balancing the internal systems and thus eliminating various disease-causing factors from the body.

Diseases cured by Hua Luk Siam Treatment:

What kind of disease does Hua Luk Siam treat? This system of treatment helps our immune system and has been found to be very effective in the treatment of the following diseases:

  1. Chronic Diseases: Chronic diseases are caused due to weak immunity. Hua Luk Siam system of treatment strengthens the immune system and treats the adverse conditions which are caused by long term use of other medicines. They allow a large intake of chemicals leaving harmful residue in the body.
  2. Diabetes: These medicines result in a reduction of the blood sugar levels and controlling complications of the disease.
  3. Kidney diseases: Kidney diseases are called silent killers because in advance stage they may cause o renal failure. Hua Luk Siam medicines help to restore the kidney functions even up to the normal levels.

The therapeutic value of these medicines has been found to be very effective in curing diseases which are difficult to cure in other systems. The best part of the herbal medication is it’s being basically preventive in nature. Thus, their regular intake strengthens the immune system of our body which may stop the entry of disease in the body.



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CBD Gummies – How HempXtra Create the Perfect Pick Me Up

4. – gummies copy

Feeling low is normal but feeling low always is not. Chronic fatigue, depression and low confidence levels are some of the disorders that are yet to find a proven solution. In the recent researches, the cannabis plant and the oils and chemicals extracts from it have been tested for soothing and relaxing properties. Cannabidiols are one of the chemicals that contain low THC and are showing non-addictive nature unlike opioids. That is why; these chemicals are being blended with various vitamins and minerals to create edibles like CBD gummies.

Hempxtra is one of the CBD gummies that are providing ultimate support for handling stress, anxiety and depression. Apart from coping with mental issues, the gummies offer good option to enhance focus. The important ways gummies help maintain good performance levels are:

It offers reliable stress reliever: CBD gummies release chemical that calm down the nerves when tensed. Thus, you can chew these gummies when you are not able to manage stress. Various performers who address large audiences chew these gummies to stay relaxed and focused.

  1. An edible pain reliever: The pain relieving properties of CBD gummies are quite prominent. The users suffering from chronic pains can find the suitable solution in these gummies that stimulate the brain and nervous system and block the receptors.
  2. Various fitness freaks need working out for long hours to achieve certain body frame or for staying in shape. They can chew CBD gummies to continue with their sessions without interruption or unwanted breaks.
  3. Induces calmness: There are certain mental conditions where restlessness, anxiety attacks and nervousness interfere with the normal routine. The patients start hurting themselves during such episodes. Thus, the CBD gummies are given to such patients to help them cope with the situation by inducing relaxation of nerves.
  4. Thus, CBD gummies are edible form of cannabidiols. These chemicals because of their non-addictive nature are seen as safe option for temporary management of symptoms like pain, anxiety, nervous and poor focus. Thus, chew your worries and stress out with CBD gummies and get better results by giving your 100% to any job that you begin.
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Get fast Drug Addiction recovery from professional Rehab center

People participtaing in group psychotherapy

Life does not always turn out the way you perceive it to be. You might be going through a very tough time, impossible for someone else to understand, but that doesn’t mean you quit. The best possible solution is to stand up and fight against your issues. If you are down, get indulged in recreational activities, try to laugh a lot, deal with your stress that way, instead of moving towards a wrong, harmful, illegal road of drugs.

If you are the one who is struggling with some problems and issues then try to understand its root cause and deal with it. Most of us consider drugs as the solution, but no it’s not, and it never will. Drug addiction is dangerous and can kill you. Taking drugs and losing a beautiful life is not a solution to the problem. So better get out of that, see what world has kept in store for you, see the opportunities and chances you have got to conquer and enjoy the beauty of life.

If there’s some pain in your heart which is stopping you from quitting drugs, then try talking to a person about this, you will definitely find a solution. Talking to a professional or even a close friend can help you overcome this addiction. In turn, your life will start to get back on track as you clean up the mess you were in.

The faster you get addicted to the fatal drug, the slower it takes to leave that habit behind. The sensation of craving increases and depends on longevity of your drug intake habits. However there is a solution to every problem and getting rid of drug addiction can also be done effectively if you stay focus and really wish to get out this addition.

How can you cure drug addiction?

The process of giving up drugs is not simple, but it is possible to quit completely. Rehab centers and no drug therapies are possible options which can be considered by an individual. You need to start moving into the world of positivity, leaving behind the world of drugs and negativity.

There is a rehab center called “wat tham kra bok” [วัดถ้ำกระบอก] which helps the drug addicts regain their life. This rehab center does the following things:

  • Mental health professionals.
  • Let’s you connect with other people.
  • Makes you lively and cheerful.

So be sure to seek professional assistance so that you have a better chance of living your beautiful life.

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How Exercise Can Help You Sleep Better


Did you know that besides promoting physical and mental wellbeing, exercising can help you to get a good night’s sleep? Well, there is evidence that workouts can help you to fall asleep faster and even have better quality sleep. However, for some individuals, working out too late in the day can have a negative impact on the quality of rest they get at night. There is a never-ending debate regarding the best time to work out. The best advice is that people should pay attention to their bodies and get to know how well they can sleep based on the time they work out.

So, what are some of the ways through which exercising helps to improve your sleep?

Enhances sleep quality

You are likely to have more sound and restful sleep thanks to working out. It has been observed that exercises lengthen the duration spent in the deep sleep phase—the phase that is best for restoring strength and energy. Also, there are tons of benefits from enjoying this great deep sleep phase—improved cardiac health, better immune functioning, and regulation of stress and anxiety.

Increases sleeping durations

Improved sleep quality aside, exercises can help to increase the duration of your time asleep. Since physical activities consume energy, they help your body to feel more worn out and in need of rest at the end of the day. Studies have corroborated the claim that exercises lead to longer sleep periods, in addition to improving the quality of sleep.

Lowers stress levels and relieves anxiety

Stress is a major and common cause of poor sleeping habits, like taking longer to fall asleep and restless sleeping during the night. Fortunately, regular workouts can help to significantly bring down stress levels. Exercises are also well known for dealing with anxiety and various mood disorders. You need to do at least 5 minutes of working out to trigger your body to activate anti-anxiety responses. Additionally, mind-body exercises such as stretching and yoga can help to calm the parasympathetic nervous system, which is crucial in assisting you to relax. Also, these mind-body exercises can be vital in bringing down cortisol levels, lowering your blood pressure, and having a positive impact on your mood. You may consider accelerating your body’s recovery and muscle development by including steroids from reliable vendors like 120kgs. Also, you will enjoy the mental benefits of good sleep as well.

Alleviates insomnia and other sleep disorders

You may not be aware, but exercises are a great natural therapy for insomnia. From the various studies conducted, it is clear that aerobic exercises specifically may be very effective in assisting with insomnia symptoms. The studies show that for those with insomnia, the benefits of exercising are realized over time but not immediately. It is also evident from studies that workouts are crucial in minimizing the extent of sleep-disordered breathing, and they may also play a role in reducing the harshness of obstructive sleep apnea.

Recommended quantity of workouts

It is not yet clear as to how much exercise is effective in helping you to get better sleep and to enjoy these other benefits. However, the American Heart Association and the National Institute of Health recommends 150 minutes of exercise every week for healthy adults, which amounts to 30 minutes a day for five days each week. To obtain the significant benefits related to sleep, you need to observe consistent and regular exercise. Conversely, too much training can also cause sleeping problems.

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Why Methadone Could be Your Answer to Recovery


Battling opioid addiction can feel like you’re trying to climb a ferociously high mountain when you can’t see the top. Almost 3 million Americans know this, and with the opioid crisis in full swing, this is a national cause for concern. Trying to kick prescription opioids or heroin cold turkey doesn’t prove effective for some people and subsequent relapses lead to more people dying. So, what is the answer and how can people safely kick their habit once and for all?

The answer, for many, is methadone. It’s the most widely-available and well-researched drug on the market that lets people manage their addiction and lead relatively normal lives. From New York to Hong Kong, people are living successful lives because they have swapped heroin for methadone. Although methadone is also an opioid, the way it works is slightly different, which allows users to return to society, work or school and live a productive life. So, to offer people a balanced view of the good and bad, we’ve collected the facts and research to let you decide if methadone could be the answer that you’ve been looking for.

An Alternative Opioid

Due to its effectiveness in treating heroin addiction since the 1960s, methadone has been listed in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. It is a game changer for opioid addicts.

Methadone is taken in liquid or tab form, so those who have been injecting heroin or fentanyl don’t have to anymore, and soon the unsightly track marks will fade away. Those who have been taking other tablets won’t have to obtain it illegally anymore.

It is controlled by your physician, so you know that you are receiving the correct dosage and in the pure form. When illegal narcotics are bought on the black market, it’s not possible to know what you’re getting. Heroin can be replaced with fentanyl or a less pure version given. Prescription painkillers may have had different ingredients added that can be harmful.  Methadone is much safer in this regard.

Recently, doctors have been using methadone as an analgesic in the use of chronic and cancer pain treatment. It has been found to have a similar profile to morphine, however its bioavailability is much higher. Around 80% of methadone enters the blood stream compared with 26% of morphine, so in fact, the pain relief can be higher and longer lasting. It is significantly less expensive and people require fewer dosages per day when compared with morphine, so there’s a positive argument for its usage in hospitals and clinics, especially for long-term cancer patients.

Lower Death Rates, Higher Productivity

In relapse, the potential to overdose on opioids, particularly heroin and fentanyl, is particularly high. This is because your body has gone through withdrawal and it won’t metabolize the same dose that you were used to before you got clean. In 2015 alone, 52,404 people died from overdoses and a sizeable majority of these were opioid users. When you switch methadone for another opioid, you will be given controlled doses by your doctor and be monitored, so that overdosing isn’t possible. You won’t experience cravings, as methadone is a synthetic opioid, so it fires the same cylinders in the brain that other opioids do, relieving the need to seek your drug of choice.

There is, of course, a chance of overdosing if you take more than the recommended dosage. If you are chasing the same euphoric high as heroin gives you, then you can end up taking too much. It is always worth remembering that this is still a controlled substance and combining it with alcohol or other drugs may have harmful and even fatal effects. Suicides are also reduced, as methadone can help you find new purpose in life and get counselling whilst in recovery.

Since methadone is a long-acting drug, as opposed to many opioids which are short-acting, there is the positive outcome that a normal life can be resumed. In fact, you can carry out methadone as a maintenance treatment without others knowing. You can enrol in school, start a new job, and be present as a parent again. It provides users with a new lease of life and allows them new possibilities that can be very hard to see when in the throes of addiction.

Negative Effects

Of course, if you have been dealing with addiction to any drug, you will be aware of side effects. Methadone is no different – it is about reducing the risks and making it possible for people to have a normal life once again. Some side effects may be more profound for some people while others won’t feel them as much. Expected side effects include:

  • Increased perspiration
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Weight gain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abnormal menstrual patterns
  • Nausea and vomiting

If any of these are causing serious discomfort or appear to be ongoing, always talk to a medical professional.

There’s also a possibility that you may become addicted to methadone, and it’s important to take note of any changes in your behavior, or physical effects such as:

  • Itching
  • Loss of concentration or focus, feeling drowsy
  • Stomach pain
  • Tremors or seizures
  • Heart rate changes
  • Paranoia or increasingly agitated mental states
  • Cravings

These should only occur if you have been taking more than the recommended dose, but to avoid spiralling out of control, talk to your doctor to stay on a healthy path.

Methadone Gives You a Real Chance at Recovery

When you embark on a methadone maintenance program, you’ll see how dramatically your life changes. No more wasted days chasing a fix or engulfed in a high or low from which there seems to be no escape. Your zest for life will return and your body will become physically healthier than it’s been in a while. Just imagine being able to go to a spin class, joining a football team, or going to a dinner party without wondering where to get your next fix.

It’s not a stand-alone solution though. Once you have the space to breathe, it’s important to attend therapy or groups that support you in your recovery. Figure out the reasons behind your addiction and learn new ways to deal with them. Avoid falling into old patterns. The method for recovery is not an exact science, but with methadone, people have been finding their way out of prisons and into employment, away from disease and into productive lives for over 50 years now. So it’s certainly a working solution. If you feel that you’re ready for this, a simple search for methadone clinics near me, could help you overcome your addiction struggles once and for all.

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