22 Feb 2024

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How to Choose the Correct Eyeglass Shape and Color for Your Face and Skin Tone

How to Choose the Correct Eyeglass Shape and Color for Your Face and Skin Tone 


There are some glasses that will look great on display in the optical shop, but then when you try them on, they don’t look so great. It’s important to choose the right frames for your face shape and skin tone.

Determining Face Shape

In order to figure out your face shape, pull hair away for the face and look directly into the mirror. There are seven primary face shapes.

For an oval face shape, try to find eyeglasses that are wider than or as wide as the broadest part of the face. For a heart-shaped face, you want frames that are wider at the bottom.

For an oblong face shape, find frames that have more depth than width. If you have a square face shape, then you want narrow frames and frames that have more width than depth.

In order to highlight a diamond face shape, choose eyeglasses that have distinctive brow lines or detailing. Rimless eyeglasses can be a good choice.

Individuals with a round face shape should try angular, narrow eyeglasses to help lengthen the face. In order to highlight a base down triangle shape, you want frames that are accented with detailing and color on the top half. Frames with a cat eye shape may also suit this face shape.

Skin Tone

Face shape isn’t the only factor that can determine how good eyeglasses will look at an optical shop. Your skin tone, eye color, and hair color can also play an important role.

Skin tones are categorized as warm or cool. A cool complexion will have pink or blue undertones. Warm skin tones have a yellow undertone.

Frames that work best with warm skin tones are caramel, gold, copper, orange, coral, off white, warm blue, or blond tortoise.

For those with cool skin tones, try black, silver, rose, brown, pink, blue, or darker tortoise. Hair colors can also be considered warm and cool and follow the same color suggestions.

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