14 Apr 2024

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Physical therapy for improving your heart health

Physical therapy for improving your heart health 

Every one in four deaths happened because of heart disease. Responding to this figure, people are taking more care of their hearts. They are trying to change their lifestyles by eating right, lessening the stress, quitting smoking, and exercising. If you think that going gym is enough to keep you and your heart healthy, then you are absolutely wrong. To get the right plan, it is important that you work with a physical therapist. 

What a physical therapist can help you with?

A healthy heart exercise plan usually includes aerobic and cardiovascular exercises. Such exercises make your body move, but a regular type of exercises incorporates – 

  • Exercises to strengthen the heart and blood vessels. 
  • Useful in improving the oxygen transport throughout the body. 
  • Helpful in lowering down blood pressure and cholesterol. 
  • Minimizing the risk of developing heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and other cardiovascular events. 

The trainers encourage you to do both cardio and strength training while keeping pain management in mind. Over time, the elevated metabolic rate can keep the amount of fatty tissue reduced. 

What if you face cardiovascular problems?

On having an adverse health event, it becomes important to consult with the doctor who may recommend you a structured cardiac rehabilitation plan and further keep a check on your progress. Obviously, you also don’t want to start doing the training straight away. Emphasize more on lifestyle change and strength training to make your heart work excellently. 

After having a cardiac event, sometimes it is very difficult to begin your journey towards recovery. Healing can take time and the physical therapists here can help you out. The rehabilitation programs are designed to distress the patients. The plan usually begins with a medical evaluation including the healthy diet and nutrition plan depending on the patient’s current condition. A physical therapist suggest you follow – 

  • Low-impact physical activity for three times per week for low injury risk. 
  • Learn about the ways to warm up and cool down. 
  • Training related to muscle strengthening or resistance training. 

The conclusion 

RPM Physical Therapy plans a cardio rehabilitation program for you so that you can deal with heart attacks and failure. To learn more, contact us immediately. 


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