21 Feb 2024

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Signs you have a Depressive Disorder

Signs you have a Depressive Disorder 

Depression may have become the most commonly found issue in most of the people living in today’s era, but that does not mean that it is not supposed to be treated or it is not a serious problem. Whether it is the child that’s constantly showing signs of depression or an adult, it is important for them to get this problem solved. Even the most major depressive disorder can be taken care of with the right kind of treatment. You only need good support from your loved ones, an excellent doctor and some of the best medicines for yourself.

Depression not only happens when a person is going through a hard time in life; depression is noticed even in those individuals who have all the reasons to be happy, but their brain or mind is unable to let them feel “happy hormones.”

If you are unsure whether you are going through a depressive disorder or not, it is time for you to learn about the following signs and find out if you are facing the same:

  • Anxiety is the most commonly found symptom in those who are going through depression.
  • If there are reasons around you to be happy and satisfied, but you constantly feel unhappy and you are unable to understand the reason about the same, you definitely need to get yourself checked by a good doctor. It may be a severe sign of depression.
  • Check the way you behave with others – are others complaining about your severe mood swings, irritability, etc.? These are some commonly noticed signs of depression.
  • Attempting suicide, or suicidal thoughts, is an alarming sign of depression.

If you are going through majority of the signs mentioned above, it is time for you to go to a good psychiatrist right away.

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