Things to Be Considered While Choosing a Wheelchair


During a time when you have to consider the right kind of electric Bariatric Wheelchair, you have to consider the frequency with which you would be using it. Determine whether you would be sitting on it the whole day or would you just to need to use it an occasional basis. The other thing you need to think about is whether you would be traveling by car.

Read on further to find the important factors, which you have to consider while choosing the wheelchair.

Portable or Travel wheelchair:

Most of the travel wheelchairs are a rear wheel or front wheel drives. These chairs can be easily dissembled and folded just by removing the seat, battery or brake. The folded forms can then be fit into a trunk space of a car, or place cargo or other modes of transportation. However, such wheelchairs may have a lesser amount of padding on their seats and do not feel comfortable with people who might have to spend the majority of the day on the chair. In such a situation, extra support is required and the weight capacity is generally 300lb.


It is better to choose a full-size chair when the user is going to spend a large part of the day in their power wheelchair. The wheelchairs having full-size generally have larger seats, footrest, and armrests. Apart from this, these also have padding providing for a lot of comforts. These wheelchairs have a high amount of travel range or distance, which can be travelled on one battery charge. The battery is large in case of portable wheelchairs and the weight capacity is near about 300 lb.

Heavy Duty:

Users having a weight greater than 300 lb require a heavy-duty electric wheelchair equipped with a reinforced frame and a wider seating area. In such a case, the wheels and the casters for the wheelchairs tend to be adequately wide for supporting the chair when the user is sitting on it.

 In case of heavy duty wheelchairs, the capacity is up to 450lb.  The wheelchair having a more specialization has a weight capacity of near about 600lb. There are some manufacturers who would be producing wheelchairs with a capacity of up to 100 lb.

Drive Systems:

In this aspect, we have the front wheel, mid-wheel and the rear wheel drive systems in the electric wheelchair [ รถวีลแชร์ไฟฟ้า, Which is the term in Thai ]. The front wheel power drive systems can easily maneuver over the small obstacles.

Similarly, the rear wheel drive systems can also manoeuvre over rough terrain making these a good choice if you like to device outdoors. The mid-wheel drive is the easiest to manoeuvre outdoors and on flat surfaces.


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