21 Jun 2024

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Want to overcome your depression?

Want to overcome your depression? 

When you talk about depression, it is something that happens to everyone, and it is traumatic. Depression has adverse side effects. Signs that you are depressed-

  • Loss of interest – You will no longer be interested even in your favorite tasks. You just want to lie quietly and keep on thinking and getting more depressed.
  • Loss of appetite – You are not going to be hungry even if your empty stomach is gurgling hard.
  • Low confidence – You develop an inferiority complex from everyone around you, and you start feeling dumb and foolish.
  • Suicidal thoughts – After losing confidence and interest, you feel you are useless, and you have are no more productive. You start thinking that you have become a burden to the world and should be no more here.
  • Overthinking – This is the worst part of depression that makes everything worse. Even positive things seem negative
  • Irritation – You develop a tendency of getting irritated in small things. This is the biggest sign that you are depressed.
  • Dependency – You get dependent on people for everything, and you also develop an emotional dependence on them.

How to eliminate this disease from our lives 

  1. Anti Depressants – The first thing that comes to our mind is a pharmaceutical dependency to cure a disease. Taking antidepressants can give you quick results, but these drugs are going to react directly with your brain. If you are taking antidepressants be careful because they have severe side effects and can, you can have withdrawal symptoms, and you may not be able to control yourself and start taking them more as they are addictive. So, they must be taken under supervision and not for a longer period.
  2. Therapy –The best way to cure depression is by depression therapy. The therapy includes many procedures like counseling and guidance. Psychological sessions are also there to treat your mind. Visit the A Kind Place where they have depression counsellors and find out more on how to deal with this issue with a professional.
  • Group therapy
  • Unconscious mind therapies
  • Traditional therapies that are done by psychotherapist and counselors
  • Alternative therapies can also treat depression.
  1. Try to be fit – Trying to do exercises, walking, running can reduce depression to some extent.
  2. Ignore depression – Try to distract yourself by watching mood lifting videos or audios or just by hanging with people can make you feel better.

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