12 Jul 2024

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What Do People Use Coolsculpting to Treat?

What Do People Use Coolsculpting to Treat? 

 Coolsculpting is an innovative cosmetic surgery procedure that targets stubborn pockets of fat in various parts of the body. By using an applicator that applies very cold temperatures to the target area, the cold is able to break down fat cells and cause the body to begin flushing out the excessive fat in as little as a few weeks. The nature of this procedure makes it very popular in the western world since the procedure is performed without invasive surgical tools. Coolsculpting is also a precise cosmetic treatment. A coolsculpting in Toronto can directly apply the applicator to the target area and begin the fat elimination process. For this reason, many prospective patients seek coolsculpting to erode unwanted fat from the following areas of the body.

Love handles or flanks

The flanks of the body, also known as love handles, form on the sides of the body where the top of the hip resides. Love handles usually sit along the top of pants and are a source of discomfort for many people. Love handles, fortunately, are a popular coolsculpting target area that can be successfully reduced by the use of the treatment. In most cases, patients are able to have each of their love handles treated in multiple treatments. Patients can also have both love handles treated at the same time in a coolsculpting procedure known as dualsculpting.

The arms

A lot of people have issues with fat retention in their upper and sometimes lower arms. The development of fat in the upper arms especially leads to what people call ‘bat wings,’ where the fat deposits in the upper arms cause the skin there to sag and look flabby. Coolsculpting helps reduce the fat in the upper arm area before the fat deposits there can cause the flabby skin to form. One of the benefits of coolsculpting in Toronto for the arms is the ability for the skin there to bounce back after each coolsculpting application. Since the destroyed fat cells gradually flush out of the body, the process allows the skin to snap back to its original form. Many coolsculpting providers have adapted to using a special coolsculpting applicator for the arms, known as a CoolFit applicator. Patients can also choose to have both arms done via dualsculpting to have even looking results after their recovery.

The chin and neck

Many people have unwanted double chins, as well as fat deposits in the neck area. The nature of the chin and neck area makes them difficult to target with traditional fat reduction procedures, so a combination of invasive liposuction and a neck lift would usually be recommended. Now that coolsculpting has gained popularity, many licensed providers have found less invasive ways to reduce the amount of fat within the chin and neck area. The CoolMini, for example, is a special coolsculpting applicator designed for use in the chin area by eliminating the buildup of fat deposits tucked beneath there. The coolsculpting technique is also applied along the neck to facilitate fat reduction if the patient feels there are too many fat deposits along the treatment area. When combined, both types of coolsculpting in Toronto treatment options produce favorable results past the brief recovery period.




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