16 Jun 2024

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Invisalign treatment is a dental process during which a series of clear and removable aligners are worn to gradually to straighten your teeth. This treatment does not come with any brackets or wires or any other restrictions of any sort that comes along with the metal braces. If you have to align your teeth and do not want to get braces, you should consider Invisalign in Bolton by Dr Norsen.

What is the material used in invisalign clear aligners and what does it look like?

The clear aligners used in the Invisalign treatment are made out of flexible plastic. This flexible plastic is a patented thermoplastic material known as SmartTrack. It has been exclusively created for Invisalign treatment. The clear aligners used have been approved by the FDA. They do not contain any BPA, BPS, latex or gluten. The Invisalign clear aligners are thin, clear and have a snugly fit over the teeth, making them virtually invisible.

How does the invisalign treatment work?

For the Invisalign treatment, your dentist will create a personalized digital plan that would map out the exact movements of your teeth. Then the clear aligners are designed according to the personalized plan so that the right amount of force is applied at the right places and at the right time. Your dentist will guide you through each and every step and would monitor your progress. They would ensure the aligners fit perfectly.

What are the benefits of invisalign treatment?

As the Invisalign clear aligners are practically invisible, not a lot of people would notice that you are wearing them. They can be removed when eating or drinking and to brush and floss. You can also remove them for any special occasion. Using an Invisalign clear aligner does not send you for an emergency visit to your doctor as it does not make use of metal brackets and wires which could irritate or even break.

The clear aligners used in the Invisalign treatment are made of a patented SmartTrack material. It is extremely comfortable and provides a great fit. The clear aligners are trimmed according to your gum line for the purpose of comfort. Being the most advanced clear aligner in the world, this system has improved over 5 million smiles, including 1 million teen smiles successfully.

Are straight teeth a guarantee after the invisalign treatment?

Every smile is unique and beautiful in its own way, hence, every Invisalign treatment starts off with a consultation. During the consultation, your doctor will guide you through the process and help you to determine which Invisalign treatment would be a perfect fit for you. Though we cannot guarantee the outcome of a particular treatment, we encourage you to share the treatment goals that you have with your doctor during the consultation.

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