12 Jul 2024

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What Tests Do You Need When Trying To Get Pregnant?

What Tests Do You Need When Trying To Get Pregnant? 

For many, getting pregnant is an important phase in one’s life. Having a baby is definitely a life-altering choice. A baby can bring a mixture of excitement, opportunity, and even a change in mindset for a person that becomes a parent. Prolonging the wait for pregnancy can make someone grow impatient.

There are several tests that you can go through if you are trying to get pregnant. Some increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant by being able to implement a strategy with the help of science and technology. From a preconception check-up to INVOcell fertility treatment Raleigh, and to the tests a few weeks ahead of welcoming a new part of the family, below are the tests you need when trying to get pregnant.

Pre-pregnancy Checkup

Make an appointment with your doctor for a pre-pregnancy checkup. Let the doctor know about your and your partner’s family medical history, medications, and lifestyle choices. With the preliminary information that you provide your doctor, they’ll be able to determine which tests you’ll have to go through.

Your diet and exercise, even the ones that you’ve had in the past, can have an impact on the chances of becoming pregnant. Before and during the later stages of pregnancy, you’re going to have to strive not to be overweight. This will have a positive effect on your fertility.


Your doctor might make you undergo blood and urine tests to check for any sexually transmitted infections. During this step, your doctor may also ask about any immunizations that you currently have.

A full rundown of any vaccinations that you’ve had in the past year should be listed for clarity. Prenatal vaccinations will make you less susceptible to infections and complications if you are expecting. Your immune system is less efficient during pregnancy, so this is a must.

Genetic Screening

Conditions such as thalassemia, hemoglobinopathy, cystic fibrosis, Canavan disease, and Tay-Sachs disease can all be reviewed during genetic screening. Your age and family history can provide your doctor with an idea of what you may already have. With this test, they will also be able to find out if your child will be born with any genetic conditions.

Your ethnic background will also play a major factor in determining which genetic conditions your child will be more susceptible to. Out of all the tests listed here, this is definitely the most costly which is the reason why most parents do the testing after the child is already welcomed into the world.

Fertility Testing

Someone that’s trying to get pregnant can go through fertility testing to determine if they will be able to conceive. Fortunately, the INVOcell fertility treatment Raleigh is available which allows for egg fertilization and early embryo incubation to happen within the patient’s own body.

The INVOcell fertility treatment Raleigh is becoming one of the more popular options today because it costs less than the current standard IVF procedure. There’s also fewer appointments, medication, and blood draws that the patient undergoing fertility treatment can expect.
INVOcell fertility treatment Raleigh gives people who want to get pregnant an option for a more affordable fertility care. With INVOcell, women can incubate eggs and sperms themselves with less dependence on laboratories.

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