26 May 2024

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5 Easy And Effective Activities For Kids Who Stutter

5 Easy And Effective Activities For Kids Who Stutter 

A lot of people around the world suffer from stuttering, but mostly it is children who experience most of the effects of this speech condition. Luckily, kids are naturally inclined to overcome different kinds of obstacles, especially when dealing with medical conditions. They are also easier to teach, and they can adapt very well particularly if they are taught at a young age.

Today, thanks to modern medicine and scientific innovations, stuttering is no longer a medical case with a specific set of solutions. And while there is still no perfect cure for this speech disorder, children and even adults easily overcome stuttering through the help of a stuttering specialist and various activities.

With that said, here are some of the most effective and easy activities which work specifically great for kids who stutter.

  1. Vowel Pronouncement

If you don’t already know, most stuttering or stammering occurs when dealing with certain words or syllables. One of the ways a person with stuttering can practice their speech is through loud vowel pronouncement. And since we’re only focusing on the vowels, this particular activity is perfect for kids, even for toddlers. The key in using this activity as a stuttering therapy is to clearly and audibly pronounce each vowel. It is important that the child is well guided through this activity so they can also feel comfortable and won’t feel too much frustration.

  1. Pausing Method

Others who deal with stuttering or stammering find to experience the symptoms when they start talking very fast, which is why using the pausing method is a great way to lessen the stutter. The idea behind this exercise is to teach the child to pause every after a few words of a given sentence. This particular stuttering treatment according to Power Stuttering Therapy should be done gradually as not to confuse or worsen the child’s difficulty when speaking. The pausing method, along with the loud vowel pronouncement, also work great as at-home speech exercises.

  1. Jaw Technique

The jaw technique might be difficult during the first few tries, but it is incredibly helpful for children who stutter. The child should open their jaw as wide as they can without exerting too much effort and discomfort. They have to hold that position for a while as they lift the tip of their tongue towards the roof of their mouth. If they reach it and they are still comfortable, ask the child to hold the position for a few seconds longer. Then, ask the child to pull their tongue out downwards and then hold that position for a couple more seconds. Repetitions of this exercise at least four or five times every night brings great results. This exercise is also great for in between speech therapy activities since it serves as a break from talking.

  1. Tell Jokes

On to more fun activities, telling jokes during a speech therapy is a great way to reduce the effects of stuttering. This particular method is best for group sessions, and it’s an excellent ice-breaker during class as well.

  1. Story Telling

This final activity may seem extremely simple, but it is one of the best exercises for children who stutter. Encourage the child to tell a story, and urge them to use their imagination. Guide the child to speak slowly and pause now and then as they finish their story.

Final Word

Kids may feel frustrated when they deal with stuttering, so it’s important to guide them as early as you can. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or a speech therapist, make sure to incorporate these activities to ensure a comfortable and effective stuttering session.

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