22 Feb 2024

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Best ways to deal with urinary incontinence

Best ways to deal with urinary incontinence 

When a person unintentionally passes out urine then it is called urinary incontinence. It is a common problem found in millions of people. Mostly associated with older people, this condition may affect a normal person as well. Sometimes when a person takes a leak, there is a sudden urge to pee afterwards as well, this is called urge incontinence. This is another type of urine incontinence. Overflow incontinence is another type in which the person is unable to empty out the full bladder and there is frequent leaking afterwards. 

Causes of urine incontinence

Multiple factors are responsible for causing urine incontinence in people. 

  • In stress incontinence, sudden pressure on the bladder may cause the urine to leak. It may be caused by sneezing, laughing or heavy-weight lifting
  • Pressure in the bladder is greater than the strength of the urethra which is a tube from which the urine passes out
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Overactive bladder
  • Less water intake
  • Increased alcohol consumption
  • Constipation
  • Neurological disorder
  • Bladder stones
  • Some types of sedatives and anti-depressants

Symptoms of urinary incontinence

  • Stress incontinence

When the bladder is full then there may arise a sudden urge to take a leak. When the pressure is put on the bladder due to sneezing, laughing or any heavy exercise then the urine may pass. 

  • Urge intolerance

This happens when you feel a sudden need to pass urine and you cannot wait or delay it any further. It is closely associated with overactive bladder syndrome. 

  • Mixed incontinence

This is a combination of both stress and urges incontinence. A sudden need to pee after sneezing or laughing with a full bladder may result in mixed incontinence.

  • Overflow incontinence

This happens when you do not fully empty out the bladder and small trickles of urine may pass leaving some inside the bladder. 

Treatment of urinary incontinence

Some nonsurgical treatments may include lifestyle changes like less alcohol and caffeine consumption. You can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by exercising daily. Some incontinence products like absorbent pads or handheld urinals may be purchased from any online pharmacy service. They can be kept for emergency purposes. 90daymeds is an online pharmacy that specializes in authentic medicines and support products. Some surgical procedures may also be performed to strengthen the pelvic muscles through the sling procedure. Enlarging the bladder through surgery may very well solve the problem to some extent. 

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