14 Apr 2024

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Don’t wait until piles get worse! Treat it with homeopathy

Don’t wait until piles get worse! Treat it with homeopathy 

Most people tend to shrug off rectal pain because they are too mortified to talk about it. If you have got an itchy bottom, or traces of blood on the toilet paper when you wipe yourself after a bowel movement or perhaps you feel a bit of a lump when you touch the bottom, chances are you might be suffering from piles. It is said that the prevalence rate of piles is estimated to be nearly 5% in the general population worldwide.

Let’s talk about it

Haemorrhoids are normal anatomic structures and everybody has it. They are vascular structures around the anus and their function is to help out the sphincter muscles so if you are about to carry out a tough physical task, like lifting something, for example, it makes sure the stool doesn’t leak out in your pants.

Typically, they give us trouble when you tend to have hard stools due to insufficient fibre in your diet or if you strain to have bowel movements or if you spend excessive periods of time on the toilet in preparation of a bowel movement and that’s when gravity tries to pull the haemorrhoids out.

Haemorrhoids can be internal as well as external. Typically, internal haemorrhoids cause problems of bleeding but external haemorrhoids is what people fear the most. Piles symptoms under this type are severe swelling, itchiness and extreme pain in the anus.

Conventional treatment

You will have to make some lifestyle changes first and foremost. Increase of fibre in your diet will be at the top of the list by most doctors. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day, less consumption of caffeine and alcohol, taking warm baths with Epsom salt, exercising more often are some other habits one can implement. Now let’s talk about treatment. There are a variety of treatment options available for piles. Different creams, ointments, suppositories that can be procured from the nearest pharmacy. Application of these can help decrease swelling and discomfort. Pharmaceutical steroids are another option to reduce the itchiness and irritation in and around the anus. Although effective, these treatment methods do not guarantee a sure-shot cure to piles. Furthermore, the condition might present itself again if you stop taking these medications. Turn to homeopathy instead.

Homeopathy treatment for piles

No matter what the disease is, homeopathy follows an individualistic approach to deal with it. Homeopathy treatment for piles is based on specially formulated remedies for each patient. These remedies are very effective regardless of whether they are taken in conjunction with the above treatment methods or not. The best part about homeopathy is that there are no side-effects whatsoever. It is a tried and tested technique and has successfully treated numerous patients all over the globe. Homeopathy aims at providing long-term relief by targeting the root cause of the condition and making sure it does not occur again. Patients and even doctors worldwide are recommending it over allopathy. Try homeopathy and notice the change in your lifestyle.

Bottom line

Yes, it can be a little embarrassing to talk about this condition but that is where the treatment starts. Speak up, visit your homeopath and you will realise that while home remedies are useful, piles treatment in homeopathy is the best option available out there.

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