21 Jun 2024

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ED Pills Shouldn’t Be Hard to Find in the Modern Age

ED Pills Shouldn’t Be Hard to Find in the Modern Age 

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is never a topic that men relish bringing up, even with their trusted doctor.  Society tends to stigmatize the symptoms, which is especially unfortunate given the fact that it affects almost 20 percent of men in the United States (roughly 30 million affected). Yet, when people watch comedy sketches or when meeting with friends or colleagues for a beer or coffee, they hear only a demeaning attitude toward a health problem that affects more Americans than heart disease does.

Why do men encounter this stigma? The embarrassment makes it inconvenient to pursue treatment. First, it can be awkward to raise the topic with a primary care physician in person. Second, taking pills may simply be awkward for some. Third, unlike a medicine for knee pain or allergies, those affected may shy away from keeping obvious ED pills around the house for family members and guests to discover. Finally, traditional ED pills – though effective – are often prohibitively expensive.

How Can Men Find ED Pills for Their Needs?

Enter BlueChew. The BlueChew service recognizes the challenges men encounter with traditional ED pills. The average patient does not know that the active ingredients in brand-name medications (Sildenafil and Tadalafil) could be made available in different forms. The BlueChew service provides ED chewables without the awkwardness of in-person doctor visits, cumbersome pills to swallow, the potential discovery of inconveniently-labeled ED drugs around the house, and perhaps – most importantly – exorbitant costs.

A patient can get BlueChew after – and only after – a consultation with a licensed medical provider. Fortunately, BlueChew sets up those virtual conversations for patients, and no information exchanged during those conversations is ever made public. So, there’s no cause for privacy concerns. Based on that consultation, BlueChew mails patients discreetly labeled packages containing the appropriate amount of Sildenafil and Tadalafil. However, the FDA-approved medications arrive in chewable format – meaning, no awkward deliveries.

Why Should Men Use ED Pills Provided by BlueChew?

Because of BlueChew, more and more men every day are gaining access to FDA-approved ED medications that are proven to result in stronger and longer-lasting erections. Whether it’s a weekend getaway with a partner after a long week’s work, the first night in months the kids are with the grandparents, or a romantic anniversary at home over candles and wine, BlueChew means both partners can have the fun they deserve.

But fun isn’t the only benefit of BlueChew. Relationships last longer and are more fulfilling with regular and enjoyable physical intimacy. Neglecting ED because of inconvenience, embarrassment, fear of discovery or cost means putting a relationship at risk.

With BlueChew, there’s no longer a reason to delay. For significantly lower costs than traditional ED pills charge, every man and every man’s partner affected by ED has a simple, discreet, and affordable solution.

So: Just Chew It and Do It!

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