21 Feb 2024

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How to Get Rid Of THC in Your Hair?

How to Get Rid Of THC in Your Hair? 

Unlike other drugs, THC tends to stay in your system for much longer. The science behind this is that its particles, even when they wear off the influence in the blood, stay in our body. The place where they buildup is our body fat. It seems like THC loves fat and stays there for a long time.

This is why skinny people and those living a healthy life have less chance to be caught on the tests made to find out if they were smoking pot. If there’s less fat, the marijuana particles will leave the system much faster. Learn more about THC in our body here.

Lately, employers ask their workers to do a drug test as a part of their examination process that will prove they have a healthy and strong workforce. The way to conduct this process is by taking blood, urine, or follicle sample. Even though the urine option is the most popular, some smart bosses insist on the follicle choice because of its ability to uncover the drug use for a long time before the actual doing of the test.

With the follicle exam, the doctors can see if you’ve been doing drugs for as long as three months before. This is a really long time. If you had fun on your summer vacation, your employer will see this and will charge you with drug use. This will surely cost your job. Now, the problem is not that you’re a bad worker, but no one likes to have a problem with the law and smoking recreational marijuana is still illegal in most of the world.

If you find yourself in this story, you’re thinking how to fix this unexpected problem, right? Don’t worry, there’s a solution for everything. In this case, it is called getting some of the detox shampoos that will make your hair both look amazing and will clean you from everything there is inside. The market is overblown with such products, but you need to know how to find the right ones.

The right detox shampoo is the one that is able to clean your hair completely. And with this, we mean completely. In the selling beauty product stores, you’ll find a lot of these with a label on them saying detox shampoo. This is not a lie, they really wash the toxins of your hair but they won’t do the job you need.

What you must be looking for is a detox shampoo that is able to clean not just the regular toxins, but everything there is. By everything, we mean drug particles too. To do this, you must know which products are the best.

Without further ado, we’d say avoid the stores and get online. Major online retails offer these products because – well they deal with illegal problems and it’s harder to sell them in the store where the public can make a scandal out of it. The best two brands for your needs are called Clear Choice and Aloe Rid.

Clear Choice

This one is very easy to use and is more affordable than the other one. However, this doesn’t mean better. Why? Because it’s a one-time solution that will probably get you through the test, but it won’t clean your hair from the toxins that are already buildup. On top of this, there’s a strict timeframe in which it works. How? Read on!

The Clear Choice works for 8 hours. You wash your hair before the testing and it provides clean results during this window frame. Also, you need to stop smoking for 2 days before using it to be sure you’ll get a top score. The problem, of course, is that you don’t really get rid of the toxins and using it more often can be dangerous for your hair. However, if the deal is passing the test and nothing else, then you’re probably good to go.

Aloe Rid Old Formula

This option is working on a much thorough level. it is an option that will both clean your hair from everything there’s buildup in it and will help you pass the test and prove you haven’t been taking drugs. The best part – if you do it right, you can continue smoking weed as nothing happened.

How? Well, it works like this – first, you need to wash your hair thoroughly for 10 days before you can be sure all the toxins are washed out. You have to do this every day 4 times a day. Yes, it’s a little complicated but this is the only way to completely get rid of the bad stuff. As you can see using it often is normal and it won’t damage your hair. On top of it, it will make it shine and be more appealing.

Once you finish the 10-day work, you’re completely clean. You can get back on the pipe and no one will know if you continue with the everyday wash too. That’s why this is a better option. If you open the internet and find reviews about it, you’ll be amazed by the success rate it has. Click here for more info on this and for the product overall.


If you thought there’s another way you should know that there isn’t. The hair is complicated and it’s really easy to be thoroughly washed. There are around 100.000 follicles on our head and you can’t pay attention to every single one of them on the same level, right? You also can’t know which one will fall in the hands of the lab practitioner, so it’s better if you go through the process and make sure you’re clean.

Not taking chances is the main issue here. It’s hard to get cleaned but if there’s an option you need to take it. It’s really hard finding a good job these days and there’s no logic in losing it over something you do in your own private time. Use this advice and good luck on the test!

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