22 Feb 2024

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Water Wands are Soft on Tender and Fragile Leaves and Seeds

Water Wands are Soft on Tender and Fragile Leaves and Seeds 

Those who love gardening know the importance of caring plants. Not only good fertilizers, soil but proper amount water is also needed. It is surprising, that not all plants need equal amount of water. For example, indoor plans need water through sprinklers in small amount whereas outdoor plants need good amount of water as they are open to sun rays and dust.

Many of us know various techniques of watering plants. Those who have limited pots use a water jug, people with small garden use old hose with nozzle while those with huge garden use irrigation system or sprinklers. Not many of us know about water wand which is also used in watering plants. It solves the purpose of watering plants in huge scale.

Water wands have shower like nozzle at the top and a screw at the other end that allows it to fix to a hose. It is available in any store that focuses on gardening and vegetation. The Grow Depot situated in Toronto Ontario also focuses on all equipment that is used for growing plants. The founder, Len Wang has been into this profession for 16 years and now his team is focusing on exchanging their knowledge with their customers. They are cannabis referring firm that provides proper guidance to grow organic healthy plants and also provide related equipment for purchase or rent.

Here are some benefits of water wand –

  • The shower like head has different styles of spray which can be changed from soft mist to target spray.
  • The tool can be used to water garden sprinkle water on leaves, rinsing cars and cleaning deck or patio.
  • They come in different shapes with crooked neck for hanging pots or long handle for big gardens. You can also get special nozzle for areas where water has low pressure.
  • There is a cut off valve which is faster than expected. Thus. If you’re spraying water in indoor plants, you can cut off valve immediately after you’re done this saves water, plants and your floor.
  • The water flow is soft on seedlings because the nozzle can be adjusted to soft sprinklers as well.
  • Extension handles are also provided with standard handles to attach when you’re unable to reach plants at a distance.

Price is an important factor while purchasing a water wand, but features also matter. More features can increase the weight of wand and it can feel heavy while using. There are also wands that are of PVC and other lightweight material, but those can crack with time and rough usage.

Good quality wand made of steel or aluminum lasts longer than any other material because they are adaptable to any temperature. You may feel that it isn’t necessary, but the rain like sprinkle is good on tender leaves and soft seeds. They also gently remove dust from leaves, thereby giving a shiny glow to them.

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