21 Feb 2024

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Wearing Masks Is The Need Of The Hour And Is A Sign Of Ethical Practice

Wearing Masks Is The Need Of The Hour And Is A Sign Of Ethical Practice 

The WHO has recommended a handful of safety precautions for every nation affected with covid-19 which involves practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands often etc. The steep rise in the number of infections has caused a depletion of Covid-19 supplies globally.

The pressing need to wear masks:

The two ways to bring any viral infection into control are: protecting a person from other infected people and preventing an infected person from spreading the infection to others. With the increase in the number of asymptomatic cases worldwide, it is safer for everyone to wear masks when in public.

Be it an flu season it is a norm for people in eastern countries to wear masks so as to protect themselves and others. There is absolutely no reason to stigmatize those wearing masks. Masks aren’t reserved for the sick. Covid-19 is highly contagious and can affect anyone. Hence any responsible citizen should wear masks whenever in public.

Purchase masks online:

Since the CDC recommends everyone to wear a mask every time you step outside your home, you can purchase them in bulk. Get your own personal respiratory mask from high-quality mask manufacturers like Custom Earth Promos. Check out their wide range of mask options which are available at factory prices. They strive to deliver the goods at the earliest.

Choosing masks:

The masks available include cloth masks, surgical masks, 3 PLY protective face masks and N95 masks etc.

  • N95 and surgical masks are used predominantly in healthcare settings since they offer a better filtration rate.
  • Non-medical masks include reusable cloth masks that can be used whilst stepping out for chores like grocery shopping or shuttling between work

There is currently a huge demand for masks in healthcare settings. Medical personnel are at a higher risk of infection apart from the elderly and those with compromised immune system since they come in contact with infected patients often. Non-medical personnel can preserve these critical supplies unless if they are infected and use cloth masks instead.

Guidelines for using the different types of masks:

Cloth masks: They can be reused many number of times until you notice them getting worn out. Wash it after each usage and let it dry completely before using it again.

Surgical masks: Surgical masks are deemed for single-time use but since there is a shortage of surgical masks, it is currently being reused until it:

  • Is visibly damaged
  • Turn moist
  • Is contaminated with bodily fluids or blood

KN95 masks: KN95 can be used continuously for up to 8 hours unless you notice tears/ holes. When it comes to reusing it between different patient encounters, store it in a clean and dry container. If there are no instructions regarding reuse from the mask manufacturer, reuse it no more than 5 times.

Some of the Covi-19 supplies are highly essential in the hands of medical personnel. Avoid hoarding masks so that those working in healthcare settings have access to more number of masks. Unless you suspect an infection, stick to cloth masks since they offer decent protection.

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