14 Apr 2024

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5 Signs That You Should Replace Your Contact Lenses

5 Signs That You Should Replace Your Contact Lenses 

When it comes to contact lenses, you should have in mind that proper hygiene is mandatory. Therefore, you have to learn how to properly maintain them, which may be challenging and prone to error if it is your first time having and wearing them.

At the same time, most of them come with expiration dates, so you have to follow lifespan because, on the contrary, you will experience severe eye issues such as irritation and even infection.

The symptoms of lousy contacts can range from simple itchiness to severe diseases and infections. Therefore, you should find contact lenses near me, so that you can replace them frequently.

According to experts, you need to replace them after the expiration date, and most people tend to neglect this particular idea. You have to be extra careful and vigilant if you wish to avoid wearing eyeglasses and choose contacts instead.

Based on researches, even eye doctors are providing lousy information for expiration dates. Since contact lenses get close to your eye fluids, that tend to deteriorate over time and as a result, your eyes will be prone to risks such as infection and irritation.

Some complications can happen such as dry eyes in case you neglect the idea that you need to change lenses. Infections are just the beginning, and these small issues at first can lead to severe moments and even blindness in worst situations.

Therefore, we decided to present you signs that you should follow so that you can know when the time to change contact lenses is:

  1. Cloudy Appearance

You have to make sure that you cleanse them and maintain them on a regular basis, similarly as we have mentioned above. If you do not know how to do it the first time you bought it, you could have already created havoc by increasing the number of bacteria in your eyes.

Therefore, if you have cloudy lenses, you should immediately take them off and rinse by using solutions that you can find in a pharmacy. As soon as they become blurry, it means that they are already passed the point of using, which means that you need a new pair.

  1. Irritation and Discomfort

In case you notice the burning sensation, discomfort, and unusual feelings when wearing them, it means that something is wrong. It is normal for lenses to stick dust and dirt, which means that you should clean them after each use and before you put them on your eyes.

However, you should consider that these lenses could also scratch, which means that any damage may cause irritation and discomfort and you should do something about this problem.

  1. Permanent Bends Or Dents

If you have damaged lenses in form or shape, it means that bacteria can pass through and you should avoid using them. Therefore, instead of protecting your eyes, they will allow other substances and parasites to enter your eyes, which may cause irritation and infection.

The best thing that you can do is to throw them away and find a new pair altogether. If you do not know how to put contacts in your eyes, you should check out this site: https://www.wikihow.com/Put-in-Contact-Lenses.

  1. Lack Of UV Protection

It is vital to remember that old brands of contact lenses do not feature UV protection, so if you are using them for a long time, which is not safe, it means that your lenses are not efficient from protecting you against the sun.

At the same time, the old ones did not have pores on them, which mean that the levels of oxygen that enters your eyes will be limited. New ones are modified and adjusted so that your eyes can breathe while still protecting you against damage.

If you do not prevent this particular problem, you may experience cataract, corneal diseases and macular degeneration among other problems.

  1. Expiration Date

Before you decide to get contact lenses, you should check with your eye doctor to see the best type that you should find. You can get ones that you can use on a daily basis, disposable ones that you should replace bi-weekly, and ones that feature large lifespan as well.

It is vital to purchase new ones before you reach the expiration date of old ones because that way you will avoid problems that may happen with your eyes.



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