21 Feb 2024

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Tips for Choosing the Best Vape Mod

Tips for Choosing the Best Vape Mod 

The vaping industry has advanced in the recent past and today there are more options to explore. In addition to e-cigs and vape pens, the latest entrant into the market is vape mod. Vape mods come with an improved design that includes a bigger battery and tank, as well as more opportunities for customization. This makes them a preferred choice for at-home vaping while vape pens and e-cigs come handy for users on the go.

A new product is often exciting and many users would love to explore the mods. However, just how can users choose the best vape mod? Read on to find out:

A Brief Background of Mods
When it comes to vape mods, the name “mod” simply refers to a “modified device.” Since their invention, e-cigs became conventional devices in the market. However, with time some vapers found out options to explore with various voltage levels and flavors. The experiment worked when they connected flashlight batteries to e-fluid tanks, kind of modified flashlights. Those devices became the first generation of vape mods.
The product underwent modifications and today mods are available in the market, ready for use as soon as get them out of the pack. Modern vape mods also offer various options for working with various batteries and tank types. Interestingly, the products pass by multiple names. Some users call them advanced personal vaporizers or mechanical mods. All the same, any device used for vaping and is not a vape pen or an e-cig qualifies to be a mod.

Tips for Selecting the Best Vape Mod Device
Now that you know about e-cig, vape pens, or vape mods, which one should you choose? The choice of a vaping device depends largely on the personal preference of the user. Besides, it depends on the previous smoking history of the vaper, regarding the quantity and frequency. For instance, previous light smokers that did less than a pack of cigarettes each day can comfortably use an e-cig or vape pen.

On the other hand, heavy smokers that consumed more than one pack per day can use vape mod instead of a vape pen. There’s no one right answer when it comes to choosing a vaping device. As a user, you should explore each option to discover what works best for you.

What to Look for and What to Avoid
What to Consider

Desired Wattage

Vape starter kits are available in various wattages and it’s important to know what suits you in terms of wattage. Vapers that consume between 50 and 60 Watts can use a vape mod with up to 100W. A device below that could simply not satisfy the user. Similarly, a device above that power level could simply be overkill.

Superior Performance

The best vape mod should deliver good flavor as well as good vapor. This partly depends on the atomizer coils and partly on the device power. When exploring new devices, it’s advisable to test various atomizers as well because some combinations just outperform others. By testing various combinations, you can come up with the best match for you.

Battery Life

A good vape mod should have longer battery life. Most batteries last between a few hours and a whole day, based on the frequency of use. Overall, a good battery should operate between 2200 and 3000Mah. For an average vaper, this should last a whole day.

What to Avoid When Selecting the Best Vape Mod

Absence of Adjustable Airflow

Some tanks come with a single air hole on the side, which may not provide adequate airflow to the tank. The absence of adjustable airflow can lead to burnt hits due to tight air draw. When shopping for vaping tanks, you should choose one with a mechanism for adjustable airflow.

Leaking Tanks

A leaky tank will let the juice out through the air holes. This cannot make the best vape mod. While this problem is common among vapers, it could be corrected easily by adjusting the ports for juice flow. Closing the ports before you open the tank for filling can help avoid leakages.

Low-Power Batteries

Battery power is measured in milliamp hours (MAh). Smallest vape nods come with the lowest MAh. An example is the Halo G6, which has 280MAh. A standard battery has between 1500 and 3,000 MAh while the majority of the devices have between 2200 and 4,000MAh, which is enough to provide a good battery life between charges. Some batteries can run up to 4400MAh.

Are Vape Mods Safe?

Unlike in the actual smoking where toxic ingredients are involved, vape mods utilize harmless and non-toxic vapor. Vaping does no harm to yourself, the environment, or the people around you. Besides, the practice does not come with offensive odor and vapers are free to choose flavors of their choice. Even after vaping, you can still smell nice based on the fragrance you used. Vapors come in different flavors including strawberry, vanilla, and more.

Vaping comes with no risks associated with second-hand smoke. This makes it healthy for everyone, with no health hazards that could affect the user, environment, or the people around the user. 

Therefore, vape mods present an amazing experience while inhaling and exhaling flavors. Importantly, nicotine is not a component of the vaping experience. Without nicotine in the equation, the activity becomes even more pleasurable with no foreign body going to the lungs.

All the same, it’s important to note that vaping comes with minimal risks, unlike smoking cigarettes. It’s always advisable to choose your vaping kits from reputable dealers, as that is the best way to minimize the side effects. In this article, we show you how to choose the best vape mod.

Final Thoughts
Vape mods are becoming popular by the day, as more users become accustomed to vaping. For first-time users, it’s advisable to glean as much information as possible about the preferred device before they can start using it. Overall, vape mods are ideal for new vapers who are starting and would like to explore something new. To get started, you simply need to know how to fill the tanks, adjust the airflow, and change the wattage. As you advance your practice, you can learn how to play around with advanced aspects, for instance, temperature control.


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