21 Feb 2024

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All About Natural Teeth Whitening that you should know
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All About Natural Teeth Whitening that you should know 

Numerous people would conceal their teeth for the embarrassment of their teeth appearing yellow. You should rest assured that having healthy teeth has been deemed of great importance in the present contemporary culture.

As a result, numerous people have been making the most of white strips along with the whitening paste as an integral aspect of their home oral care needs. They would look forward to professional teeth whitening treatments offered by thousand oaks dentist.

Good Teeth are a sign of overall Good Health

Your teeth have been the foremost things that people tend to notice in you. They would ensure good health and overall confidence. When you look forward to making the first impression, a majority of people would worry about their crooked, aged, and discolored teeth. These could send a bad signal about you not really taking good care of your health.

Reasons for Teeth turning Yellow

The major reasons whereby the teeth become discolored or turn yellow or brown would be because of stains developing on both the white and hard surface of the teeth, called the enamel. It would also go relatively deep in the structure of the teeth.

●      Enamel Tends to become Thin

The enamel has a light brown substance underneath, known as the dentin. It could become easily visible when the enamel tends to get thinner. It has been relatively common for a majority of adults.

●      Dental Erosion

It would be the erosion of the tooth resulting in the dental hard tissue. It would be chemically removed from the surface of the tooth using an acid.

●      Reason for Thinning of Enamel

The risk aspects would be inclusive of genetics, aging, and food intake that actually promote staining or erosion. Most of these unhealthy habits would enhance the risks of gum disease.

It may be unrealistic for people to expect their teeth remaining white and shiny as they age. However, the several aspects that would step up the teeth discoloration rate could be avoided.

Natural ways to whiten your Teeth

Find below a few essential natural ways recommended by thousand oaks dentist to whiten your teeth.

  • Brush after eating or drinking
  • Using antibacterial agents such as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
  • Coconut oil pulling for teeth whitening needs
  • Using apple cider vinegar
  • Using citrus fruit peels such as lemon or orange peels

Who would not like to have a beautiful smile with white and sparkling teeth? However, you may look for adequate information on the best ways to whiten your teeth. Among the several options available, you should look for thousand oaks dentist.


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