26 May 2024

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What Food Should You Avoid With Braces?
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What Food Should You Avoid With Braces? 

Did you leave the dental clinic with your braces installed? Do you wish to know the foods you should avoid as you are wearing braces? Do not stress out; read this article to the end to know the foods you should avoid by all means until your appliance is removed. 

You must have been told in the dental clinic by the dentists what you can eat and other foods you should avoid damaging your braces. As a follow-up to the instructions given to you at the dental clinic, we present to you the foods you should avoid with braces until the procedure is completed.

You should know that the little sacrifice you endure until your orthodontic treatment is completed will go a long way in helping you to avoid damages to the braces and unavoidable repairs or replacement before the procedure is completed. Be ready to adjust to the new living conditions; you would be able to eat your crunches, popcorn, and all kinds of snacks very soon.

Classifications of Foods to Avoid with Braces

When wearing braces, you can eat some foods while you need to abstain from eating certain types of foods or limit the quantity take per bite. Meanwhile, it would help if you did not eat anything hard, sticky, or crunchy. Besides, until your braces are removed, you can no longer eat mouthfuls. You should also abstain from tearing things with your teeth; it could get the braces damaged.

The following are foods you should avoid:

  1. Carbonated drinks
  2. Ice
  3. Chewable vitamins (soft or hard)
  4. Nuts
  5. Popcorn
  6. Taffy
  7. Gum
  8. Thick pizza crust
  9. Thick bagels
  10. Large and hard petzels
  11. Hard Candy
  12. Sticky candy such as caramels, caramel apples, toffee, Sugar Babies, Starbursts, Tootie Rolls, licorice, Sugar Daddies
  13. Hard French bread crust and rolls
  14. Whole apples and carrots (except when you cut into pieces)
  15. Thick tortilla chips
  16. Corn on the cob (except you cut the corn off the cob before eating)

In the same vein, when eating the foods, you are allowed to eat with braces, as recommended by your dentist or in one of our posts, to avoid mouthfuls. And you should embrace good dental hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly to prevent damages to the braces.

Remember to visit the dental clinic within six months for cleaning and to keep your braces in the best condition possible to ensure that your treatment time is not extended due to damages to your braces. Avoid the foods discussed above and endure the urge to eat foods that can undermine your treatment. You will be free soon to eat all your favorite foods.


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