14 Apr 2024

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Heart Rate Training

Heart Rate Training 

What is it? 

Heart Rate Training is the type of workout that you use a heart-rate monitor to control the level of effort that you are during the exercise itself, instead of the regular pace and self-measured intensity.

The idea behind heart rate-based training is that you train your aerobic system without overstressing your skeletal and muscular systems. Heart rate training is becoming more popular through the years, and with the emerging technology even more accessible.  A few years back, only elite professional athletes were able to use it, but now, as the equipment becomes more affordable, anyone can track their heart rate during the workout. Learn about AED training here.

How to find your heart-rate training zones

There are many different formulas that you can use to calculate your maximum heart rate and find your personal heart-rate training zones. The easiest way is by using an age-based equation: you do 220 minus your age, and that is the value. However, if you want to have a personalized, more individualized approach you must take into account other factors.

After you find that max heart rate, you use it to work on a specific zone. Bellow you will find the different zones:

Zone 1 – 60-70%: this is a very comfortable effort used for warm-ups and cool-downs.

Zone 2 – 70-80%: used for the bulk of training, this relaxed effort allows you to hold a conversation.

Zone 3 – 80-90 %: this is a comfortably hard effort during which you can only speak in short, broken sentences.

Zone 4 – 90-100%: this is a very hard effort that’s sustainable but only lets you speak a few words at a time.

You also have a very light zone, which is the one related to the recovery state.

Why heart-rate training?

With the heart rate training you will be able to:

  • Train at the right intensity all the time, every day
  • Know and improve VO2max in as little as 4-6 weeks
  • Automatically record each workout sessions in total duration in hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Control the intensity as a percentage of maximum heart rate
  • Help with the calories burned during workouts
  • Control maximum, minimum, and average heart rate
  • Recognize the workout efforts
  • Optimize fat burning
  • Increase their lactate threshold and performance

By using this type of training and program, personal trainers and coaches will be able to improve their away of coaching and teaching people and clients, by improving their results and outcomes.

In order to be the best coach out there you need to continuously improve your knowledge and type of training. With heart rate training, you have the possibility to be more precise and effective in your training and show your clients you are focused on their specific goals, showing the concrete and objective results.

This 100% online course, will able you to study and develop your knowledge anywhere anytime. You can know more about this type of training program here:  https://www.nestacertified.com/heartratetrainingprogram/.


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