14 Apr 2024

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What is anti ring avulsion?

What is anti ring avulsion? 

Finger accessories like rings have become popular for people of all ages. Nowadays it is much more accessible as people can just buy it online and price wise is quite affordable for most people. Pretty sure everyone that has worn a ring did face this one moment where the ring they are wearing feels tight on the finger. In some cases, a person may need to find doctors to help them when the ring is unable to be removed or a finger injury.

Jimmy Fallon, a celebrity famous for a talk show named “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” has appeared in one of the shows wearing a big cast covering his ring finger. He then explains to the public how the particular finger gets badly injured after he tripped at home. The details might sound too graphic and probably cause some people to feel nauseous but the point is it almost ripped his finger off. This is what in medical terms is called “ring avulsion”.

Ring avulsion is a rare case but it definitely can lead to finger loss in severe cases. It often involves just one finger of which is most affected by the ring they are wearing. Ring avulsion occurs as a result of a sudden pull on a finger. This led to torn skin and severe injuries to the finger in form of circumferential or circular soft tissue laceration (an open wound exposing the tissue and structures beyond underneath the skin like tissue, muscle or bone and is characterised by jagged and irregular edges ranges) to complete amputation or loss of the finger end part. It is considered rare as only 5% of injuries involve the upper limb.

Ring avulsion is a risk factor for people working with machines and yes as mentioned, wearing a ring. The way a person gets involved with this type of injury is so simple that even a simple accident like Jimmy Fallon had when he tripped on a rug in the kitchen and the finger got caught in it or in some other case the ring got caught to the moving machine or even a door. Symptoms are pretty obvious with a person complaining pain of the finger, bleeding and worst-case losing sensation at the tip causing them to feel numb.

Since wearing a ring makes a person vulnerable to this ring avulsion injury especially wearing loose or large rings as it easily gets caught in other equipment, there are companies that already took some initiative to create a special ring aiming to prevent this horrific gory accident called “anti ring avulsion”. A silicone or breakaway ring is the best kind of ring to wear as they are designed to stretch and snap when under pressure. So, before the ring causes any damage to the finger, it already breaks away. It can be difficult to buy this type of ring due to the pricey price or seem not so worth as the traditional ring. Hence, you can still wear any ring you like but you may want to consider wearing it around your neck as a necklace. Remember to remove the ring if you feel the rings are too tight because wearing it supposedly to feel comfortable and easy to come off. This is especially important for those with risky jobs such as working with machines or often in the gym.

Ring avulsion can be prevented by taking safe measures. Protecting your finger not only helps to avoid these horrible accidents but also saves you from a lot of misery of future complications such as finger deformity and finger amputation.

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