22 Feb 2024

Author: Sheri gill


What are the symptoms of Bowen disease? 

Having healthy skin and clear from imperfections is certainly almost everyone’s dream, especially in females. Apart from spending a fortune to achieve good skin, some may invest their time and money for regular health screening as they believe not only skin should be the main…

Vitamin Infusions

Are Vitamin Infusions Worth It? 

Vitamin infusions have become increasingly popular recently as an alternative treatment for a variety of health issues. But are these vitamin treatments worth all the hype? In this article, we will explore what vitamin infusions are and if they are actually effective. We’ll look at…


What is anti ring avulsion? 

Finger accessories like rings have become popular for people of all ages. Nowadays it is much more accessible as people can just buy it online and price wise is quite affordable for most people. Pretty sure everyone that has worn a ring did face this…