14 Apr 2024

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All About The Relationship Between Veterans and Alcoholism

All About The Relationship Between Veterans and Alcoholism 

In the past couple of years, it has been seen that alcoholism is becoming the biggest concern for military personnel in the US. The reason could be many for this addiction. But alcoholism is becoming an addiction giving a huge problem for families and people around these veterans. It is said that it is one way to cope with the difficult times that they are going through.

With alcoholism becoming a concern for veterans, the biggest risk that is being diagnosed is the problem of a co-occurring disorder. This includes addiction or alcohol abuse plus mental health disorder. To treat these two conditions, you would require two different treatments at the same time. If left untreated can cause major complications later in life.

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Common problems in Veterans With Alcohol Abuse

PTSD: This is a post-traumatic stress disorder which is a severe anxiety condition. This happens due to some traumatic event witnessed. As alcohol is said to be a depressant, it can help combat these symptoms making them feel calm and relaxed.

The most common symptoms of PTSD include depression, insomnia, self-destructive behavior, anxiety, etc.

Heavy drinking can affect the person’s current duty as well as his retired life. It will take a toll on an individual’s personal and professional life, also affecting their health and emotional life.

So, taking help from a professional would be a great option rather than self-treating yourself. Especially when you have a condition like PTSD along with this addiction, it is even riskier. Alcohol rehab centers have detox options along with individual counseling that can give you both emotional support and physical treatment.

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