21 Feb 2024

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Discover the Smart Solution to Constipation Easily

Discover the Smart Solution to Constipation Easily 

Constipation or constipation is defined as the disorder characterized by: frequency of evacuation less than three times a week, decrease in faecal mass, presence of hard stools, difficult and painful expulsion (sometimes accompanied by small bleeding caused by ruptured anal or rectal capillaries) and finally, constant feeling of not having completely freed oneself. Constipation is more common in the elderly and in the adult population in women.

The Other Issues

In addition to chronic constipation, there is also that defined as acute or occasional; this constipation occurs temporarily when certain particular conditions occur (for example a surgical operation that forces for a certain time to immobility, the acute phase of a disease or even even a simple journey that alters the biorhythms of our body) but generally, once the critical phase that led to the state of stress is overcome, constipation regresses in a short time.

In order to successfully face and resolve constipation it is necessary to exclude the possibility that this disorder may represent only a symptom resulting from the presence of some pathologies. Constipation in this case is called secondary or symptomatic and the possible causes that can determine its appearance are varied: colon cancer, diverticulosis, inflammatory disorders of the intestine, gallstones, hypothyroidism, various gynecological, neurological and psychic disorders. With the CBD Suppositories you can now expect the best solution.

The Cases that Come Up

In most cases, on the other hand, it is idiopathic constipation: in this case constipation is not a secondary disorder dependent on the presence of other diseases but originates from an inefficiency of physiological movements of the intestine (peristalsis) and ano- rectal. These circumstances are often aggravated by incorrect living habits and in particular by a disordered diet and low-fiber foods, an insufficient introduction of liquids, hurried rhythms of life, a sedentary lifestyle and therefore characterized by reduced activity. physics, from nervous tension and from the abuse of tranquilizers and sleeping pills.

Treatment and prevention

To prevent constipation or the initial treatment of constipation, a dietary intervention is essential: it is important to increase the consumption of dietary fiber, which increases the fecal mass, stimulates peristalsis and affects the frequency of evacuations.

  • It is therefore advisable to take an adequate amount of fruit during the day, if not peeled because the skin helps to increase the fecal mass (in this case it is recommended to wash the fruit with particular care) and vegetables including legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas and broad beans) and also to eat wholemeal bread, to add to the breakfast wheat bran or cereal flakes and to avoid fermented cheeses, fried foods and animal fats.
  • A diet of this type is then much more effective if you drink a lot of non-carbonated water during the day, possibly even in the morning before having breakfast: the liquids are in fact absorbed by the fibers and contribute to making the faeces grow in volume.

Finally the movement: a good and constant physical activity promotes intestinal motility and therefore evacuation.

In cases of obstinate constipation it is possible to resort to laxative products of self-medication available in large numbers on the market. It is important to keep in mind that these over-the-counter products are always and in any case drugs: we must not therefore abuse the doses or even use them regularly.

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