22 Feb 2024

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Healthy diet to take during the third trimester

Healthy diet to take during the third trimester 

The duration of pregnancy is divided into three trimesters; the third trimester is the duration of the 28th week to 40th week of pregnancy. During the third trimester, a body of pregnant woman gets starts to feel the changes well than the before trimesters. You can identify the growth of stomach length, glow on face and smile. The third trimester of last three months is the time to do and have entire needful for your health and your baby health.  If you don’t know the symptoms of thirds trimester pregnancy, read more in the same article.

Major symptoms of third trimester

  • Feels much heartburn or acidity than the before trimesters
  • The anxiety of hormonal changes leads to insomnia
  • Body appearance and feel changes as swollen fingers, joints, and in ankles.

Foods to take during the third trimester

Balance your diet to improve your health during pregnancy, a diet chart will vary on every month of the trimester. You should take 200 calories more than the regular days at the stage of pregnancy to maintain maternal tissues and fetal growth.


Take a fruit which has to burst of nutrients Vitamin C, and fibre. Take fruits during the time after having food at each time, else if you are moving outside pack fruits on a bowl and carry out it.  Vitamin C in fruits will help your body to absorb rich iron and make your immune system in shape.


Prefer to have salad, prepare a salad by yourself to have healthy diet for pregnancy with contains fruit which has rich vitamin to boost thiamine on the body. Prefer to have a tomato salad, mixture of radish with the respectable fruits, Sweet corn with mixtures and also you can have lettuce salad.  Thiamine from the body will release the unwanted energy from the food which you have.

Seeds and nuts

You can munch healthy seeds and nuts which has essential of thiamine, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can take these types of foods as snacks, even you can choose the dry fruits, walnuts, cereals and sunflower seeds as a snack at the time when you feel hungry in between your food are taken.

Toast and sandwich

You can toast a breast along with the mixture of whole essential flours; mix the toast with the baked beans. Prefer to choose the beans which have rich thiamine and fiber to prevent you from constipation. If you get bored to have that toast, you can changed to a sandwich, is better than having toast. A sandwich is a dish which has a package of many nutrients. You can combine the number of essential foods on the sandwich with the slices of ingredients; the mixture of an entire ingredient will give good health and rich in taste makes you love to have that. S

Non-vegetarian food items

During the third trimester, having a healthy diet for pregnancy is the best way to give birth to a baby with good brain development. Make homemade salmon to improve the brain development and nervous system of your baby. Salmon fish has rich DHA, omega-3 fatty acids, take a limited amount is better to avoid risks during pregnancy.

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