22 Feb 2024

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FUE hair transplant in Chandigarh: Is it a wise decision?
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FUE hair transplant in Chandigarh: Is it a wise decision? 

The medical terminology for hair loss is Alopecia. Hair loss could occur because of multiple reasons such as male and female pattern hair loss, auto immune conditions, and hormonal imbalance. Hair loss is a common problem and often a source of distress for patients. Alopecia can be either scarring or nonscarring. Androgenic alopecia (AGA), alopecia areata, and telogen effluvium are the most common causes of nonscarring alopecia. The first task of doctor is to address patients’ concerns fully, exploring the effect of alopecia on psychosocial well-being. Next, an organized diagnostic approach can help family physicians recognize characteristic features of each disorder to identify the cause of alopecia and guide therapy.

Hair loss in Chandigarh and its treatment

The Chandigarh is located in north of India and surrounded by three states Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. Chandigarh is the best-planned city in India, with architecture, which is world-renowned, and a quality of life, which is unparalleled. As the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana, and the Union Territory of Chandigarh, it is a prestigious city. It is also known as “Pensioner’s paradise.” In this article we are going to discuss the increased issue of hair loss in Chandigarh, its treatment by hair transplant in Chandigarh and average cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh.

Reasons for increase hair loss in Chandigarh

The issue of hair loss has risen steeply lately in Chandigarh. Furthermore, it has been seen more frequently in male young individuals. This increase could be linked to increased air and water pollution, stressed lifestyle, inadequate sleep, faulty sleeping pattern, and more consumption of low protein diet and fast food. With the increased prevalence of hair loss at young age, the patients are more attentive about the treatment of permanent hair loss. The most promising treatment for permanent hair loss is hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most rapidly developing city in the country. As a result, the population of the city has increased because of the migrants from nearby cities in search of jobs. Because of increase in population and increased demand of hair loss treatment, numerous centres for hair transplant in Chandigarh have been set up. There are two techniques followed by surgeons for hair transplant in Chandigarh, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit A highly-advanced technique of hair transplantation, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is performed in a way, which imitates the pattern of natural hair growth and is an ideal choice for people who have large bald areas on their head.

In FUT technique, an entire strip of hair is removed from the donor area, then divided in to individual grafts, and transplanted to bald areas by implanting into tiny incisions made by the surgeon in a single session. The hair grafts follow a natural pattern for growth after the transplant. A liner scar is left at the donor area from where the strip of hairs is taken and sutured.

In FUE hair transplant technique, a tiny instrument measuring less than a millimetre in diameter is used for harvesting of hair follicles from the donor side. The device, also known as FUE punch, isolates the hair graft by making a circular incision around the follicular unit. The hair grafts are then extracted directly from the scalp using an instrument similar to tweezers. From past few years, centres for hair transplant in Chandigarh has popularised the FUE hair transplant procedure and advertises it as a scar less procedure. Although, FUE hair transplant is very efficient for individuals with lesser grade of baldness, however, it can cause severe complications in cases of severe baldness such as overharvesting of donor area or harvesting from temporary zones for requirement of more number of hair grafts.

Cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh

The average hair transplant cost in Chandigarh ranges from INR 40-120 per graft. The cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh depends on various parameters. As the cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh is according to per graft, thus the cost increases with the increase in the severity of hair loss. Furthermore, the technique used for hair transplant nowadays affects the cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh as well. From recent reports, most of the centres for hair transplant in Chandigarh are performing FUE hair transplant technique and usually, its cost is more than traditional FUT hair transplant procedure.

Bio-enhanced hair transplant

Recently, hair transplant centres in Delhi and Jaipur have introduced a newer technique for hair transplant, bio-enhanced hair transplant. In this hair transplant procedure, they employ FUT and FUE in combination with Platelet rich plasma (PRP sessions) for the scalp which helps in utilising the donor area more efficiently, increases the healing rate, minimises hair loss and has no risk of over harvesting at the donor area. Furthermore, hair transplant centres in Delhi and Jaipur are more experienced and world renowned in performing the natural looking artistic hair transplant.


With the availability of FUT and FUE hair transplant in Chandigarh, the population in Chandigarh and neighbouring cities can undergo hair transplant procedure at centres in the city. However, for quality treatment from world renowned surgeons who have performed hair transplant procedure on celebrities, they should consider driving 3 hours or traveling for 40 minutes by flight to Delhi for quality hair transplant procedure at lower cast as compared to cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh.

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