22 Feb 2024

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How Long Does It Take for Laser-Treated Gums to Heal?

How Long Does It Take for Laser-Treated Gums to Heal? 

The use of laser gum surgery to treat gum disease, especially in advanced cases, has grown in popularity in the past several years. If your dentist has already recommended scaling and root planing without success, they may suggest laser surgery at Fairfield, ME family dentistry.

Laser gum surgery, as opposed to non-laser procedures like gum flap surgery, may be recommended by dentists. Additional oral treatments may benefit from laser gum surgery as well. One of these is gum contouring, which is done for aesthetic purposes to fix a gummy smile. 

Laser gum surgery: What Is It?

Laser gum surgery is a method of removing germs and sick tissue from deep inside pockets on the gum line using a tiny laser fiber approximately the width of three human hairs. In addition to treating moderate to severe gum disease, dentists can use lasers to remove excessive gum tissue, making short teeth look longer.

A less intrusive alternative to traditional gum surgery that leaves no visible scars is laser technology, which eliminates the need for incisions and stitches.

Healing Period for Laser Gum Treatment

Although there is minimal recovery time following laser gum therapy, it is recommended to refrain from physical activity for at least 48 hours. Your dentist may advise that you avoid cleaning the treated region for a period of up to 10 days. As the tissues in the area recover and regenerate, you may experience some soreness and tenderness in the teeth surrounding the treated area for the first two weeks.

To check that the treated region is healing properly and is infection-free, your dentist will set up a follow-up consultation.

Full healing of the gums and surrounding teeth can take up to a year in certain cases, and tooth sensitivity might take several months to cure. 

After Laser Gum Therapy, What to Expect

When you have laser gum therapy, your body will start mending right away. Moreover, using a laser instead of more conventional surgical tools promotes regrowth in the gums and bones. Similar to how the color and sensation of injured flesh changes as it heals, the treated tissue will also undergo these changes.

Because your treated gums will be quite sensitive for the first three days after treatment, you are usually advised to stick to a liquid diet only. After that, try to limit your intake to soft foods like:

  • Eggs with cottage cheese
  • Avocados and ice cream.

For the first two weeks following treatment, many patients forego solid foods to allow their gums to heal. It is normal to have some swelling, pain, and light bleeding in the days after laser gum therapy. 

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