21 Jun 2024

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Raw Honeycomb –Top Facts About It!

Raw Honeycomb –Top Facts About It! 

People have been hailing the benefits of honey for thousands of years. Honeycomb is another beneficial product made by the honey bees to house their larvae and store honey safely. Bees have skillfully evolved to construct hexagonal honeycombs. But, for what reason could a hexagon be an appropriate shape for storing honey? Could different shapes, like circles, triangles, or squares, work comparably well?   

Researchers did several experiments with different geometric shapes to see how well these shapes would work compared to hexagonal shapes. It was found that the geometry of hexagonal shape uses the least amount of material to hold the most weight. After honey bees gather nectar from blossoms and make it into honey, the honey bees then put the honey in the little six-sided region of the honeycomb. Each hexagonal area tessellates with the rest.

Honeycomb is mesmerizing to look at and cut into as it holds the hexagon shape of the hive. Surprisingly to most people, honeycomb is also edible, rich in carbohydrates, antioxidants and contains trace amounts of several other nutrients. It is the traditional way of consuming raw honey!

Some Facts about Honeycomb – 

  • Honeycomb is Edible –

Because of the waxy top layer, people regularly question whether honeycomb is palatable. The answer is a big yes; one can eat the entire honeycomb. The waxy hexagon container is the perfect type of raw honey as it is the natural state in which honey is found in the beehive.

  • The Wax from Honeycomb is Safe to Consume – 

The waxy layer that surrounds the honeycomb offers a chewy consistency and more texture than filtered honey. Surprisingly, this wax from the honeycomb is safe to chew like gum or spit out.

  • Honeycomb Wax is Beneficial for Health –

It is well known that honey is a magnificent natural healer, so it is the honeycomb. Basically made up of raw honey & beeswax, honeycomb has rich healing properties like honey and carries the long-chain fatty acids from the beeswax. The combined properties of honey & beeswax make honeycomb beneficial in lowering high blood cholesterol levels and risk of heart diseases.

  • Taste of Honeycomb Also Varies –

Honeycomb taste varies depending upon the kind of plants the honey bees pollinate. Like honey, honeycomb also offers a rich taste with explosions of pleasantness from the honey overflowing through.

  • Honeycomb Can Last for Years –

Honeycomb is raw honey stored inside beeswax cells. As honey doesn’t get spoiled for years, honeycomb can also be consumed for years. It must be stored correctly as it potentially crystallizes or becomes gooey when exposed to moisture.

  • Bees Require 7 Days to 2 Months to Build Honeycomb –

There are assortments of elements that can influence how long it takes honey bees to make honeycomb. The honey bee colony population, how much nectar is gathered for the colony, assuming it’s a new or established state, and the size of honeycomb being constructed will affect how much time it takes.

All things considered, it usually takes between 7 days to 2 months for honey bees to create a comb structure and fill the cells with honey. However, honey bees can fill out a full ten-frame deep box in only three days, depending on the circumstances. Occasionally it can happen in less than one day!

Easy Ways to Eat Honeycomb – 

After reading the facts above, it has been proved that honeycomb is 100% edible & delicious too. But what are the best ways to consume honeycomb

  • Cutting & spreading honeycomb on hot foods like toast, pancakes, waffles, etc., is an excellent way to consume it. As hot foods soften the beeswax making it more spreadable & easy to swallow.
  • It can also be consumed by putting it in a smoothie, adding it to a salad, or used for pairings on any charcuterie board.
  • Honeycomb combines well with a bowl of porridge or granola and serves as the best breakfast meal.
  • Honeycomb goes even well with an artisan pizza. Take meat, flavored vinegar, basil, and a slice of honeycomb to enjoy the delicious taste of pizza perfectly.
  • The best & simplest way of relishing the benefits of honeycomb is to consume it directly from the tin with a spoon. It acts as an excellent food option to start mornings, an excellent snack for lunchtime, and a perfect dessert for dinner.

Honeycomb filled with 100% pure honey is a rich source of antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties and is highly beneficial for health. At Geohoney, raw and edible honeycomb is cut directly from the beehives and brought to the consumers completely hygienically. Therefore, not only does it add the ideal amount of pleasantness to any food or drink, but there are also many related medical advantages that one should experience daily!

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