22 Feb 2024

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What You Should Know About Ear Plastic Surgery

What You Should Know About Ear Plastic Surgery 

The truth is that plastic surgery has changed a lot of people’s lives who were not happy with their physical looks. For instance, ear plastic surgery, when done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, can improve the appearance of your ears. This form of surgery is also known as otoplasty, and it is meant to reduce the size of large ears, reshape different bends, and bring ears that stick out closer to the head. In this way, you can have a natural appearance.

Type of Ear Surgery

Some people who have protruding or prominent ears want to reduce their sizes. For those who have ears that stick out, plastic surgery is appropriate. Macrotia or oversized ears that are not proportioned to the head. Persons with this condition have large ears that are not proportional and may protrude. The procedure for correcting macrotia is known as ear reduction in plastic surgery.

The main type of otoplasty involves focusing on reshaping and resizing ears rather than the manner in which ears protrude. Ideally, ear plastic surgery can alter the ears by reducing the size of large ears. Moreover, it includes sculpting large-sized earlobes. The procedure offers you a more natural-looking appearance and even boosts confidence.

Your cosmetic surgeon will remove unnecessary skin and cartilage. In this way, your ear can be reshaped to a small size or even a natural-looking size. That offers you a more symmetrical and balanced look. If you wish, as most people do, ear plastic surgery can be done in combination with ear pinning.

Ear Reduction Surgery

This procedure starts with the anesthesia administration. In this case, medications are offered, keeping you comfortable during the surgery. Usually, you will get either general anesthesia or local sedation. Your plastic surgeon will recommend the right option for you.

The doctor will make an incision near the ear where it meets the head. He or she will soften areas or take our cartilage and skin to get the much-needed results. In some instances, the cartilage is trimmed or sculpted into a suitable profile. The doctor will then secure the cartilage back into place with non-removable stitches.

What to Expect During Surgery?

Surgery will be a bit different for every individual because of unique differences. First, you should understand that the procedure will be performed under local anesthesia. Usually, children will have general anesthesia that keeps the sedated during the procedure to avoid movement. The procedure will take about 1 to 4 hours, depending on your needs and whether ear pinning is done or not. The good thing about this procedure is that the results are instant. All scars are concealed as the procedure is done with the use of incision.

Finding the Right Surgeon

You should note that any doctor should not do this procedure. Rather it should be done by a qualified plastic surgeon, like our recommendation of anewyou.com. Remember that these procedures are done with minimally invasive techniques that deliver natural-looking results. Also, the doctor should be fully accredited and has a good reputation. If possible, ask past clients.

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