21 Feb 2024

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Which Surgeries Can Make You Look Healthier?

Which Surgeries Can Make You Look Healthier? 

While a lot of people tend to think that plastic surgeries are often giving a very fake look, sometimes the case is exactly the opposite, as certain surgical procedures will in fact make you look much younger and healthier.

Chin implants

It has been known for a long time that people who tend to have good chin features often look more confident and healthier, as it gives a very strong vibe to one’s face in a rather strange, but good way. When it comes to the male population, chin implants Sydney at Dr Hodgkinson clinic is definitely one of the most recommended surgical procedures.

That is because men that happen to have a strong jaw line thanks to their chin often tend to look much healthier, and thus they are more desirable. If a man happens to have a double chin, or no chin at all, even if they don’t lead an unhealthy lifestyle, unfortunately, that is the appearance they are going to give.

The surgical procedure in this case is quite simple, as you will be put under anaesthesia while the surgeon does all the work. Once the surgeon is done, the results are going to be visible immediately, and you will be able to show off your new chin and bask in self-confidence.

Successful chin implants

Eyelid surgery

While chin implants usually focus on restoring one’s self-esteem by giving them a healthier and confident look, the double eyelid Surgery with Dr Hodgkinson or your local surgeon can provide you with some other kind of results, that are also going to give you a healthier look.

Everyone in their life has probably gone through an even when they just couldn’t get enough sleep, which caused them to get bags under their eyes, and in some cases, those bags are going to stay permanently, because of genetics, or because constant sleep depravation. Naturally, another factor that can cause a person to look tired is aging, which is what this surgical procedure can take care of as well.

The double eyelid surgery focuses on tightening the skin of the lower and upper eyelids, by removing the extra skin. One would say that this procedure is quite similar to a facelift, but it is done on a much smaller scale, as the rest of the face is not involved.

While chin implants don’t really have a recovery time, the eyelid surgery does, but the good new is that you can use makeup during the recovery time, even if it can slow it down in some rare cases, so it is still a good idea to consult with the surgeon.

A younger look after the surgery

Final Word

Cosmetic surgeries that give a person a healthier look are getting more popular every day, because there is nothing more beautiful than looking like a healthy person. Naturally, there are still some procedures that can make a person look fake, but if that makes them happy, that is also good for their health in a certain way.

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