21 Feb 2024

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4 Best Nicotine-Free Vape Liquid Brands You Must Try

4 Best Nicotine-Free Vape Liquid Brands You Must Try 

Vape liquid is one of the best-selling solutions with no to very less nicotine concentration. It is basically manufactured with the purpose of helping people quit nicotine in style. Companies come up with unique tastes rather than flat solutions to make the process easier. However, not all manufacturing labs are alike. Whilst any brand can offer a vivid range of flavors, it is the manufacturing method that makes all the difference. Only a selective few labs like the PGVG Labs in Canada supply uncontaminated liquid vape solutions. Thus, your focus should be buying the products that such ISO-certified labs supply. Some of their best selling brands include the following.


DON CRISTO is the best-selling brand that manufactures nicotine-based as well as non-nicotine vape liquids with the rich taste of real Montecristo cigars. Some of its best non-nicotine flavors include:

  • DON CRISTO COFFEE – This is a coffee flavored vape liquid with undertones of a real cigar.
  • DON CRISTO PISTACHIO – This is the best-selling vape solution by DON CRISTO. It is a blend of the real flavor of cigars and a strong undertone of real Pistachio.

This flavor by the PACHAMAMA brand is a non-nicotine solution for fruit lovers. Its tantalizing fruity taste is a mixture of pure Fuji Apples, fresh strawberries, and real NECTARINE.

  1. 3TITANS

3TITANS is a wonderful brand of vape liquids that offers many exotic fruity flavors. Some of its best non-nicotine flavors include the following.

  • 3TITANS – ATLAS – A welcome treat for citrus lovers, this sweet-sour liquid vape is punched with the real flavor of Italian Lime, Ripe Kiwi, Grapefruit, and some selective hand-picked fresh berries.
  • 3TITANS – GAIA – This highly refreshing vape solution contains natural cucumber juice with a splash of cactus, pomegranate, a little dragon fruit, and rare real extracts of apricot.
  • 3TITANS – LETO – This minty and fruity cool vape liquid contains an exotic blend of real Raspberry, mixed Guava, Nectarine, and real extracts of mint leaves and some peppermint.

Renowned for manufacturing rather citrus and fruity vape liquids, some of its best non-nicotine flavors include the following.

  • GOLDEN CLOUD BLACKSTAR – This refreshing and fruity vape liquid contains a rich blend of ripe and hand-picked wild berries.
  • GOLDEN CLOUD LEGENDARY – This fruit punched vape liquid contains a mixture of real Litchi, Guava, sweet Mangoes, and a mild undertone of fresh figs.
  • GOLDEN CLOUD SIGNATURE – Its a fruit-based vape solution carrying the citrus taste of multiple fruits with a mild undertone of real pineapple.  

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