Choosing the Right Steps in the Proper CBD Usage


Some people experience rapid effects (first week) and others only experience an effect after 1 – 3 months. It therefore requires a little patience as well as trying to find the right dose for you.

Here again it is important that you feel good in the body and only increase to max. Take 3 capsules 3 times daily. There is no risk of high intake. If you start feeling tired and sluggish, lower your dose a bit as mentioned above, as this may be a sign that you have taken a little too much. The use of CBD Juul Compatible Pods come useful here.

1 capsule 3% CBD oil = 10mg CBD

For example, if you started with a 3% CBD oil capsule, cf. the above CBD dosage guide and after some time (12 weeks) found out that you need a higher dose, you typically switch to a 15% CBD oil capsule and start quietly and calm down following the same CBD dosing instructions.

1 capsule 15% CBD oil = 50mg CBD

The startup with CBD oil paste is similar to the startup with CBD oil. See above boot with CBD oil. You take the CBD oil paste orally by placing it under the tongue. Please wait a few minutes before sinking. You can rinse the CBD oil paste with some form of non-alcoholic liquid, as not everyone is equally excited about the taste of nature. But if you want the optimal effect of the CBD oil paste, you should preferably avoid all kinds of liquids for approx. 15-30 minutes after ingestion.

For example, you can squeeze the CBD oil paste out onto a sugar ball, a piece of chocolate or you can brush your teeth within to take some of the flavor from the CBD oil paste.

A startup with CBD Hampolie Pasta could look like this:

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For example, start the first week with a match head on your finger every night approx. an hour or 2 before bed.

Week 2: a match head on the finger in the morning after breakfast and a match head in the evening approx. an hour or 2 before bed.

Week 3: a match head on the finger in the morning after breakfast, over dinner and again in the evening approx. an hour or 2 before bed.

Week 4: a match head on your finger 3 – 4 times daily.

Side effects

Moderate side effects may occur during the first few weeks such as slight dizziness, mild headache and nausea. Few people experience flu-like symptoms, as CBD oil can have a cleansing effect on the body.

Someone also feels during the start-up phase that the CBD oil cleans out the intestinal system, which is because the CBD oil contains chlorophyll, which among other things. acts to cleanse the intestinal system.

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