14 Apr 2024

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Does age affect conception?

Does age affect conception? 

Many couples who are already “on their feet” and have everything they need begin to think about having a baby. Sometimes in such cases, conception does not occur or pregnancy itself is difficult. Then couples have a question about the influence of age on the birth of a child.

A woman’s age, conception and pregnancy

Doctors have argued for many years about the optimal period for a woman to become pregnant. It is believed that by the age of 20, girls’ menstrual cycle improves, ovulation becomes regular, and the entire body is ready for hormonal restructuring. It was during this period is recommended to plan the baby. Until twenty the girl is too young for a serious load during pregnancy, so among the too young expectant mothers are quite common abnormalities in carrying a child.

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Problems with conception should not occur in women up to the age of 35. The ideal period in terms of physical health and social development is 25-28 years. After 35 comes the older childbearing age, when sexual activity decreases. In addition, babies with genetic abnormalities (particularly Down syndrome) are more common among children from older mothers. This is due to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body, including in the ovaries, where there are not yet fully developed eggs that have not entered the period of ovulation.

Male age and fertilization

A man’s age can also affect the possibility of having children. Paternal years are not as important as maternal years on the health of the future baby. On the other hand, over time, the synthesis of hormones responsible for reproductive function decreases in the male body.

Male “menopause” occurs around the age of 45-60. However, at this time, reproductive ability does not completely disappear at all. The amount of the male hormone testosterone does not decrease in leaps and bounds, but gradually, by about 1-2% per year.

At 80 years of age, testosterone production is about 30-60% less than normal. This means a decreased chance of becoming a father. However, there is no scientific evidence about the impossibility of having a healthy child from an elderly dad.

Partner age difference.

No reliable studies have been conducted on conceiving a healthy baby in couples with an age difference. There is an opinion that partners with a big difference in years have genius babies, but there is no evidence to confirm this data.

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