26 May 2024

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Is It Good To Change Therapists?

Is It Good To Change Therapists? 

One of the questions that you are likely to have when you go for therapy is whether it is good to change one’s therapist. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors and it is important to first review your own situation clearly to understand why you want to change your therapist and what do you hope to achieve by changing your therapist. Randomly changing your therapist after every few sessions is not going to do any good. 

As much as possible it is best to stick to the same Aarhus terapeut. Each time you change a therapist you will take some settling time and this period will delay the solutions. Try to take your time to screen your therapists closely and find someone that best fits for your needs so that there would be no need to look for a new therapist down the line. 

Are you changing your Århus Terapeut because you are not able to establish good rapport? If yes then you should know that you have not made the correct choice right at the start. If only you had taken enough time to review your therapists and if only you had gone for an initial consultation to understand how each therapist operated and which therapist is easy to work with or comfortable to work with you would not be looking for a replacement just after few sessions.

At times people who are looking for therapy services approach their Aarhus therapists with wrong expectations. They hope to get the resolutions that they wanted immediately after the first session. If that is what you are expecting then you are making a mistake. It is not that such results are impossible to obtain but often that is not the case. It does take some time for you to first settle with a therapist. Once you settle with your therapist then there is a limited timespan that is required for the therapist to understand the nature of the issues you are facing. Your therapist will be able to direct you in the right direction only when they have fully understood your issues. If you are impatient and if you are not ready to give your therapist or yourself this time then you can be sure that you are not going to be happy even with the new therapist that you find. You would be looking for a different therapist and this pattern will continue to repeat itself. 

Set realistic expectations and make sure that your therapist is the best in the industry. Do not rush to pick your therapist it is not just the qualifications that make a therapist the right fit but there are various other human elements that come into play. Rushing to pick your therapist without taking all these concerns into account would only make you feel disappointed down the line. Do not worry there are several good therapists in Aarhus and you just need to invest enough time to search for them.  

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