22 Feb 2024

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Hangover Cure or Hangover Hospital – The Latter Proves a Better Option

Hangover Cure or Hangover Hospital – The Latter Proves a Better Option 

You should rest assured that a hangover would be the consequence of seer lack of moisture in the body caused by excessive alcohol consumption. It would be pertinent to mention here that alcohol is a diuretic that would cause dehydration. It could be accountable for the occurrence of nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headaches, body tiredness and weakness, and increased sensitivity to noise and light. These symptoms of a hangover would make your day miserable.

The hangover cure

Find below some of the hangover cure and tips that you could follow for instantly putting off the feeling of having a hangover. These tips would help you feel better.

  • Water therapy

You should consume loads of water that could assist you in overturning the dehydration you have been experiencing in the morning. Water therapy would replenish the system. It would make you feel livelier and better.

  • Carbohydrates could prove helpful

By consuming foods rich in carbohydrates, you would be able to bring back the lost sugar in the body through alcohol consumption. Alcohol could cause a drop in blood sugar levels. It could assist in activating and boosting the sugar levels of the body. You could consume bananas for restoring the lost blood sugar.

  • Can coffee prove helpful?

You should not consume coffee, as it could add to your dehydration levels. It is a diuretic that could worsen your condition the next morning.

  • Staying away from over the counter medication

You should rest assured that OTC prescribed drugs and medication could cause irritation in the stomach. It may also damage your liver.

The hangover hospital

IVs in the Keys would be your best solution to all kinds of hangover problems. They would help you get rid of the hurting hangover in less than 45 minutes. You would be able to make the most of partying with your friends without worrying about the hangover the following day.

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