26 May 2024

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Safeguard your child’s oral health with kangaroo oral care

Safeguard your child’s oral health with kangaroo oral care 

When you help your children in taking care of their teeth, it means that you are investing in their future oral health. After the came grows out, they can start decaying any time, so taking care of baby tooth is as important as taking care of adult teeth.

When you are teaching your children about taking care of their oral health, it means you are developing a good habit in them, showing them a positive example, and you are also at the same time guiding them what they should do when they are young.

Steps to take to aid your child

  • Baby teeth: Baby teeth will start developing at around their 6 to 10 months, and by the age of 3, all of their baby teeth should appear. They should learn to brush their teeth at least two times a day with a soft brush. They should start using toothpaste at around the age of 18 months. Definitely, you will be one who will do that for the little one. But after they have grown up a bit, you can get Kangaroo Oral Care brushes, as they are an innovative way which your children will love to use, and keep their habit of brushing two times a day. As a minimum of 2 minutes of brushing is needed for brushing anyone’s teeth, the brush will indicate through LEDs if they are using their all two minutes or lesser.
  • Discovering to Brush

When your kid become two years old, they can generally start finding out how to brush for themselves. Allow kids to view you cleaning your teeth twice a day, after that oversee their cleaning, ensuring to cover the within, outdoors and chewing surfaces of each tooth.

  • Checking out the Dental practitioner

It’s advised that your children first visit the dental expert must happen within six months of their very first tooth erupting. The dental expert will inspect your kid’s oral development as well as growth as well as see to it there are not a problem.

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