14 Apr 2024

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Techniques used in Swedish massage

Techniques used in Swedish massage 

Swedish massage is also what we call classic massage according to Western standards. This massage works on the soft tissue and muscles to help restorative health and in creating a Calming and balancing effect on the nervous system.

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Swedish massage therapy is a massage therapy that uses 5 massaging techniques for healing.

  1. Effleurage: This word is derived from French which means lightly touch or skim. This technique involves a series of long gliding or circular strokes that can be applied with varying degrees of pressure. Within Effleurage, There are three different techniques like feather or nerve stroking, superficial effleurage, deeper effleurage. 
  2. Pertissage: Pertissage Is a French word which means to knead. This technique involves manually compressing soft tissue of an area by rhythmic squeezing, kneading or rolling. These moments are especially used to stretch and loosen up the tense muscles. All these techniques help in enhancing blood circulation and in detoxifying the body. The most common approaches to pertissage are kneading, wriggling, rolling, and lifting.
  3. Friction: This is a firm and focused rubbing technique applied in a specific area usually just with fingers and  or thumbs. Pressure is applied in a circular motion or in a perpendicular rhythm. The friction technique is ideal for softening  the muscles and realigning the tense muscle fibres and for treating particulate joints like elbows.

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  1. Vibration(shaking): Just as the name indicates pressure is applied in rhythmic shaking of an area of the body by loosening or relaxing in the body. The intensity and pressure vary depending upon the area of the body such as both palms are used in large areas like the back or fingers are used in sensitive areas such as the face. Technique is particularly used for treating areas with a lot of scar tissues or for soothing nerves.
  2. Tapotement: This is a French word which means to tap or to drum. This technique involves rhythmic tapping across a person’s body to stimulate the flow of blood and endorphins. This technique is particularly useful for relaxing the tight muscles and for draining the build up from the lymphatic system. The amount of pressure used in Tapotement varies upon the needs of the client. The five most common approaches to tapotement are Beating or hammering, tapping, cupping, hacking and slapping.

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