22 Feb 2024

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The Importance Of Wearing Breast Augmentation Bras

The Importance Of Wearing Breast Augmentation Bras 

A breast augmentation surgery is one of the most highly on-demand procedures among women around the world. For women looking to have either saline or silicone breast implants, it would be a good idea first to articulate what their recovery process would look like. Many plastic surgeons who undertake a breast augmentation procedure advise patients to have adequate sleep during the post-op stage and to ensure they always wear post breast augmentation bras for additional comfort.

How Does a Post Breast Augmentation Bra Work?

Post breast augmentation bras are made from flexible materials and special fabrics to make it easy for the skin to breathe. Bras that provide an added layer of cushioning and support greatly improve overall patient comfort as they heal—hence an important part of the healing process. Any kind of tenderness and swelling that may occur in a patient during the post-up stage are usually minimized to a minimal. These bras are tailor-made to provide extra support, which a patient may need to stop swelling and any discomfort they may develop within the first few weeks following surgery.

Why Should Patients Wear a Post Breast Augmentation Bra?

There is no doubt that patients benefit a lot from wearing a post breast augmentation bra after surgery. More often than not, patients will be asked by their doctor to wear the bra for at least a few weeks throughout the post-op stage. The goal is to minimize both swelling and excess water retention that a patient may experience after surgery. The bra also prevents the implants from moving or shifting as a patient goes about their daily activities. More importantly, the bra also creates sufficient space between the breasts and a patient’s clothing which tackles skin irritation and any other discomfort that may arise.

What About the Bra’s Features?

Some post-operative bras come with easily adaptable bands to cater for the size changes that a patient may experience when their tissues start to rebound. Some also contain front closures that allow for a seamless and easy removal. Doctors recommend patients to always wear bras with a smooth lining and soft padded straps for maximum comfort.

The first few weeks after a patient comes from a breast augmentation surgery are some of the most crucial for a speedy recovery. During this time, it is important for patients to wear a surgical bra to prevent their implants from falling to the sides or dropping downward as they go about their day. Most breast augmentation clinics usually provide patients with an elastic strap to support the breast fold and apply downward pressure.


Patients who are considering a breast augmentation should check first with their plastic surgeon to determine the actual post breast augmentation bras that would most fit their goals. Choosing the right-sized post augmentation bra would also ensure that every patient gets the right support and compression to their breasts. As a consequence, a patient ends up recovering more effectively and quickly, allowing them to resume their busy lives as soon as possible.

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