21 Jun 2024

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What exactly is root canal treatment? Find all details here!
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What exactly is root canal treatment? Find all details here! 

If a tooth has decayed to a certain extent or is infected, your dentist may consider a treatment called the root canal. During the root canal treatment, the pulp and nerve of the teeth are removed, and the tooth is sealed after adequate cleaning. The removal of the nerve doesn’t impact the tooth in any way, and root canal is all about saving the tooth as the last resort. Various factors may impact the nerve and pulp of a tooth, such as decay, fillings, dental procedures, or a crack. If you have pain in a tooth or feel sudden sensitivity, you should consider visiting a known clinic, such as Oracare Dental Clinic. Here are some more details of root canal treatment.

Understanding the procedure

You may need at least two or more visits to the dentist to get root canal done. After the initial examination, the dentist will take an X-ray to determine the infection and shape of root canals. In most cases, local anesthesia will be used to numb the area, following which an access hole will be drilled in the tooth. The dentist will then remove the pulp, nerve, and debris from the tooth. The sides of the root canals will be then scrubbed using files, so as to get rid of the debris in there. The tooth will be sealed after being cleaned, and dentist will ask you to wait for a few days, just to check on infection. On the next appointment, the interior of the tooth will be filled and the teeth will be sealed.

Discussing root canal with your dentist

Each case is unique, and you dentist is the best person to decide if root canal is the right treatment for the concerned tooth. Root canal has 95% success rate, if done right, which is why the choice of clinic and dentist is so important. You need to know the process, and while some people claim that root canal is painful, it doesn’t have to be so, as long as anesthesia is used. Cost of the procedure may be higher for molar, and endodontists tend to charge more than dentists. It really depends on the condition of the tooth, but you can always get a fair idea in advance.

If you have a tooth problem, don’t delay in seeking expert opinion. It might be possible to save the tooth with root canal, if diagnosed in time.

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