26 May 2024

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How to travel safely with IBD?

How to travel safely with IBD? 

People nowadays prefer traveling. they are traveling plans or not restricted to a single area and they try to experience a wide range of options. But sometimes traveling can be a bit hectic especially if you have certain conditions that prevent you. IBD is one such common disease that might make traveling more problematic for you especially in acute cases. But with regular precautions and vaccinations travelling with IBD can be quite easy and simple.

What is IBD?

IBD is commonly known as inflammatory bowel disease. It is nothing but a variety of intestinal disorders that might cause continuous inflammation in the digestive tract. There is a variety of IBD available and among them, ulcerative colitis is the most popular. They create constant inflammation and ulcer in the lining of the large intestine. This might result in some of the common symptoms like irritation, weight loss, pain, bleeding, and motion problems. These ulcers are not restricted to the large intestine and they can occur in any other part of the digestive tract. The next type of IBD that is quite common among people is Crohn’s disease. Here the inflammation can occur in any part of the digestive tract and is constantly found in the small intestine.

They can be genetically transmitted and sometimes also occur due to poor immune systems. They are also caused by other uh habits like smoking and age. Over environmental conditions can also trigger the disease.

Treatment options

To treat such a harsh disease the only option available is anti-inflammatory medications like corticosteroids and other drugs. consuming these drugs and changing lifestyle choices can allow you to maintain a good digestive tract without any inflammation. but sometimes depending upon the severity of the disease surgery might be suggested by the doctor.

So technically having this disease will prevent you from visiting anywhere. The people affected by the disease should consume nutrient-rich food with restrictions that include regular exercise and healthy diets. And sometimes when you are travelling with IBD the chances of getting sudden inflammations are higher. In other such cases searching for a suitable health centre will be difficult especially in a new country.

Why choose IBD Passport?

To make it easier for you, the IBD passport service offers you a chance to visit other countries by providing a list of IBD desi centers available all over the world combined with contact information and access. By registering with the IBD password you will have access to all the information. We offer a wide range of planning and research that will reduce some of the risks that occur during travelling like the relapse and acquiring the local disease in the visiting country. So to prevent it we vaccinate you with suitable medicines along with the local medical centres for sudden access.

Always plan the trip when you have a stable condition. Plan your trip with medications and make sure to follow all the instructions offered by the IBD passport centre. With us, your travelling with IBD can be made easy.

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