14 Apr 2024

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Keep Your Face And Tummy Tight With These Procedures

Keep Your Face And Tummy Tight With These Procedures 

Unfortunately, ageing leave marks on our skin. Collagen is less produced, as it is in charge of skin elasticity so we get wrinkles and fine lines around our eyes, mouth and on the forehead. Later, our skin starts to lose volume so we end up with sagging skin, our metabolism gets slower and fat is easily sticking to our body. But, today we can rely on treatments that can change and prevent those body changes.

New treatment for facelift

One of the newest treatments is thread facelift. This treatment is non-surgical, it doesn’t last long, and the amazing news is that the results are better over time. So how does this procedure works?

The focus of the treatment is neck-lifting, midface and jowl. The procedure involves subcutaneous threads, which are pulled to lift the skin. Cheek and eyebrow sagging are also affected at some level, so you get one more thing done with this treatment. It stimulates skin collagen for a few months, so it will restore your youthful appearance over time.

Tighten face with a non-surgical procedure

A thread facelift is done by a plastic surgeon who is specialized in this area. The price range varies from around 1500$ to 4500$, but if you consider that the price of a surgical facelift is around 10 000$, this offer is quite good. If you are local in Australia, you can check thread lift Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, and see if that price is affordable for you.

Mini tummy tuck procedure

For your lower part of the abdomen, which is not going away even after the exercises and good diet, there is a solution. It is also known as the mini abdominoplasty and it’s a small surgical procedure. The goal is to remove excess skin and fat on the abdomen under the umbilicus. That way you can achieve a naturally tighten tummy.

The suitable clients for a mini tummy tuck are people who have lost a lot of weight, but excess skin maintained. Also is a good treatment for a post-baby body. Because it is a surgical procedure, there are some conditions that can put you at risk so it is very important to talk openly with your doctor and a mini tummy tuck Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can inform you which are those conditions.

Get rid of that stubborn fat on your lower abdomen

The procedure is done under the general anaesthetic and it lasts around one and a half hour. You will have a scar, but the goal is to achieve a scar which is short as possible, and after is fully healed it is barely visible. Recovery time is 3 to 5 days and after that period you can return to daily activities, avoiding lifting heavy stuff and movements that will stretch the abdomen.


Be satisfied with your body and face after pregnancy with the help of fort worth mommy makeover. Changing some things, that have been bothering you, with these procedures will give you the best feeling of loving you body.

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