21 Feb 2024

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Reducing Your Breast Size Can Improve Your Life

Reducing Your Breast Size Can Improve Your Life 

While a lot of women tend to increase their breast size, there are quite a lot of women all around the world who don’t really enjoy that side of the story too much, since their bodies can’t really handle big breasts.

Because they happen to have big breasts, whether because of their genetics, or because the implants they got are too big, there is quite a lot of danger behind that, as women who have breasts that are too big often experience pain in their back, due to the lack of support.

Breast reduction surgery

Today, we live in the age where all kind of cosmetic surgeries are possible, and there are a lot of doctors which specializes in breast reduction at Breast & Body Clinic as well as other places where medicine is practiced. The procedure is quite an easy process, and the goal is to reduce the breasts to a size which will allow the patient to have a normal life.

Naturally, the patient can choose just how much her breasts should be reduced, as there are women who still want to have a decent cup size instead of lowering their size completely. During the surgery, the patient is under general anesthesia, which means that they will not feel anything at all, as they will be asleep.

Once the surgery is complete, there is a two-week recovery time before the patient can return to work, however, going to the gym or getting any kind of exercise is highly not advised for at least five to six weeks, depending on how fast the person heals.

Even minor changes will have a big impact

Implant revision

While breast reduction is a surgery which is available for everyone who does not have implants, the implant revision is for those that do. This surgery does not focus on removing the implants only, as sometimes their size can be adjusted, along with certain issues that can occur after some time, such as asymmetric nipples.

For everyone who happened to get implants years ago, today, you can get the best technique in breast implant revision from Breast & Body Clinic or a local clinic where you will get new modern implants which are more effective, and they are also available in the form of augmentation.

When it comes to the surgery of an implant revision, the process and the recovery time is pretty much the same like the breast reduction surgery, however, you might have to wait a bit longer for the workout, just to make things safe.

Implant revision is effective

Final Word

It doesn’t matter if you have breasts that are big or small, but what matters is that you are satisfied with your looks. Looking down on yourself when it comes to look lowers self-esteem, and that is extremely bad. You can easily find a surgeon that can help you with your issue, and once you become satisfied with your breasts, you will definitely turn that low self-esteem into many positive thoughts instead.

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