16 Jun 2024

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Kinds of Endoscopic Instruments and there Uses

Kinds of Endoscopic Instruments and there Uses 

Endoscopy is a process where small tube is inserted inside the body to get the view of the internal organs and the place where the defect is caused. Instruments used in these kinds of endoscopic processes are called as endoscopy instruments. There are different kinds of endoscopy and each endoscopy process is done with the use of different instruments.

List of endoscopic instruments

  • Biopsy forceps- it has coated sheath, fenestrated cups and swing jaw mechanism which ensure easy entrance inside the endoscopic channel and minimizes the risk of channel destruction while entering through it.
  • Trocar sleeves- it is basically used in abdominal, gynecologic and thoracic places. It is used to make the channel sleeve in the body for easy intrusion of the instrument.
  • Tissue scissors and cutters- these are used for both endoscopic and laparoscopic instruments. These are used to make a dissection of tissues and transaction.
  • Burs- these are generally used during the treatment of spinal columns or for resection of soft tissue.
  • Cleaning brushes- these come under different categories liken disposable, non-disposable, and one time use, single or double ended brush. These provide maximum protection against damage of the channel.
  • Tube sets- these can be used for an inflow or for outflow of the fluid from the channel made. These tube sets have cameras at one of the ends so that while entering the channels, the image of the internal parts can be seen properly and necessary treatments can be made.
  • Tissue staplers- these are the staplers which can be used as an intermediate for the stitches after the surgery.
  • Ligation device- these are used in endoscopy surgery for esophageal bleeding and gastrointestinal hemorrhage.
  • Suturing systems- this is sued for tissue exfoliation or for some placation activity in gastro-intestinal track.

Thus, use of these instruments has always made the endoscopic surgeries successful.

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