14 Apr 2024

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How Long Can a Pinched Nerve Last?

How Long Can a Pinched Nerve Last? 

A pinched nerve is an issue that happens to many individuals and doctors say when you have a pinched nerve in your back or neck, it generally means that an inflamed pain is sending pain or tingling sensation to the arm or leg. To understand the concept more deeply, let’s further read about how long can a pinched nerve lasts.

On average a pinched nerve can last from little to a few days to long days as 4-6 weeks and In some cases even longer than that. A pinched nerve is a sharp pain and numbness and, understandably, you might want to get rid of it as soon as possible. A pinched nerve is caused due to the pressure from surrounding tissue which places too much stress against the nerve. If you are suspected to have a pinched nerve and live in Atlanta then it’s crucial to seek pinched nerves treatment in Atlanta as soon as possible to get back to your old routine.

Now for your question: how long does a pinched nerve last? The answer is the amount of time a pinched nerve can last depends on whether you seek treatment for it or not. The recovery is also based on the location of the pinched nerve. An acute cause of pinched nerves like poor posture or any injury can usually last for several weeks. However, the cases related to chronic conditions may last much longer and in this case, you should see your doctor for a treatment plan.

Here’s what you can expect from pinched nerve pain in different parts of the body:

Neck: A pinched nerve in the neck causes tingling pain sensations which can extend to the shoulder or arms. It can be caused due to injuries, repetitive movements, or a bad sleeping position. The pain usually gets away within a few days unless it turns into chronic pain like arthritis.

Lower Back: A pinched nerve in the lower back is also linked to herniated discs which compress nerve roots in this area and other reasons could arthritis or injuries. You may feel a sharp pain in the lower back as well as in your buttocks. You can also read about the various treatment ways like Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain What You Need to Know. All information associated with this therapy is available on the internet.

Other areas where pinched nerve pain can occur are the legs, hip region, wrist, shoulder, and other body parts. Wherever you feel the pain of pinched nerves it is best to seek pinched nerves treatment in Atlanta 0or wherever you are located to avoid any chronic pain condition.

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