16 Jun 2024

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Which Candidates Are Eligible For Weight Loss Surgery?
Weight Loss

Which Candidates Are Eligible For Weight Loss Surgery? 

Weight loss surgery is a procedure that is sometimes used as a treatment for patients who are obese and require lifelong commitment to lose weight through changes in diet, lifestyle, and exercise. Also known as weight loss surgery in Las Cruces or bariatric surgery helps the individuals lose significant weight who are unable to lose weight with other means.

However, the decision to undergo any weight loss surgery should not be taken lightly, and it is definitely not recommended for everyone. Therefore, there are some criteria for weight loss surgery that your bariatric surgeon will assess before recommending you for any bariatric procedure.

Who qualifies for weight loss surgery procedures?


Bariatric surgeries or weight loss surgery are only recommended to individuals who are seriously overweight with a BMI over 40. you can also qualify for the procedure if your BMI is between 35-40 and you have a health problem that can be improved by losing weight.

  1. Candidate’s Weight Loss Attempts

If you have made significant efforts and attempts to lose weight with the help of diet and exercise, but you have been unable to reach beneficial results for at least six months. Then after consulting with a bariatric surgeon, you might be able to go for lap band surgery in New Mexicoor any other weight-loss surgical procedure suitable for you.

  1. Metabolic Syndrome

The term metabolic syndrome is a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. If you suffer from metabolic syndrome, it puts you at a greater risk for heart diseases. With bariatric surgical procedures, you can get rid of weight-related issues to cure all these kinds of diseases.

  1. Understanding of Procedure

As a candidate for weight loss surgery in Las Cruces or in any other location, you must understand or are aware of all the weight loss surgery options. And you also need to understand that you have to give a life-long commitment to the changes after the surgery.

  1. Your Mental Health

Weight loss surgery is not recommended to the candidates if they have a mental condition or have any underlying factor. As with bad mental health, you might not be able to adapt to long-term lifestyle changes post-surgery. Therefore for being eligible for any bariatric procedure, you need to be in good mental health condition to get the best results after the surgery.

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